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I have been reading a book – David and Goliath. It’s quite insightful and has many truths. You know how some things make it look like the enemy (I use that word loosely) is big and strong? Sometimes it’s actually a source of weakness. And the twist is that what you think makes you weak can actually play to your strength.

The author used David and Goliath as an example. Goliath was a mammoth of a man and was defeated by puny David. Yeah, God was with David and all, but David sef is one smart Alec. Goliath was infantry – a foot soldier. David had skills with a sling (slings were like guns in those days when used by adept hands). So he didn’t need to use close combat to defeat Goliath. What’s more, Goliath was most likely expecting a trained fellow foot soldier but was caught by surprise when he saw the scrawny lad ambling towards him with a sling.

That’s an example of turning your apparent weakness – such as David’s small size – to strength. Remember David refused the armor because it would slow him down. Then he used Goliath’s size against him. The giant was basically a sitting target. It’s also believed that Goliath was a bit blind because he needed his shield bearer to guide him; a side effect of the possible brain tumor that had caused him to become a giant.

All this is explained much better in the book. And I must say that I agree with the author. Sometimes weaknesses are strengths in disguise. I have my moments where I feel emotionally and psychologically down, and I hate them. I hate how sensitive I am, and I wish I could be tough and unfeeling. But to be very honest, some of my best work creatively has been done when I feel those intense emotions. I even feel much better after doing those things.

So maybe take a look at those things you call your flaws. Maybe you only consider them so because society has led you to believe that they are flaws. Look at them critically and I’m sure you’ll realise that in the grand scheme of things, they are not flaws but just an integral part of your nature to help you do great things. In every human being lies greatness. You just need to do a little digging and believe you’ll find it and a whole lot of hard work to achieve it.

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  1. This piece sort of makes David out to be a scheming, calculating guy, as opposed to the helpless innocent who relied heavily on the wisdom of God. lol. I dunno, it’s just the feeling I’m getting.
    But great message all the same. Weakness as stength in disguise… never considered it that way. It’s just like when prepping for interviews, you are constantly told that when asked your weaknesses, you should speak to the interviewer about them in a way that makes them seem like strengths.

  2. Wow. Inspite of the comment above mine, I’m inspired by this. I take the lessons

  3. I totally agree with Mandy’s comment.

    And am a bit disappointed I thought this was going to be like one of those Sifa’s biblical stories brought back to life. Anyways, I am happy I read for I needed a reminder that my weakness are not bad after all.

    Some weaknesses and disappointment are actually the elements that push us to greatness. Nice piece and thanks for sharing.

  4. I also did think this was a work by Sifa. Great piece, inspires us to look within and exploit our weaknesses.

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