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The Ode Of A Star-struck Nigerian

Nnaemeka Ugwu loves Chimamanda Adichie. I can’t equate his love given that he lambasts her ever-so often whenever she steps out of line. lol. I know he would desist from doing that the day Adichie becomes his personal friend, then he wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings so publicly.

My love for Genevieve Nnaji is like that, no, it is more than that. Seeing Genny’s picture makes me pause, and when it is a bad copy, I get angry at the photographer or the makeup artist for not getting it right before publishing it. Yeah, it’s that good.

She is the only reason I go to the cinema to see a Nigerian movie instead of just buying it. I like to gaze upon her and enjoy the sight of her. Oh Genny! If not for you, Mirror Boy would have been a failure, and I say that with all certainty. You made me watch the movie to the very end. I wasn’t happy with it, but I stayed tuned to the end so as not to disrespect you.

I personally think Genevieve should have gotten a more active role in the Chimamanda movie, Half Of A Yellow Sun. She would have done well as Olanna or even Kainene, just that I do not see her being as readily forgiving as Kainene was of Olanna and Richard.Genevieve Nnaji in Half Of A Yellow Sun

I do not care what evil people say about this superstar. In fact, I do not even particularly care about those who talk rubbish about her. It only fuels my love and admiration for her. I love everything she has done with her life. Her trials, her journey, her success, her failures and her rise. Whether it’s her daughter or Atiku or D’banj or whoever else linked to her is up for discussion, I don’t even care. At a time, I came to dislike Omotola Jalade Ekeinde for trying too hard to be like Genny. I eventually forgave her as the two of them found that the scene was big enough for two divas, even though a tiny part of me still begrudges Omotola for attempting to share the spotlight with Genny. I continue to admire Genny, to try to look like her (difficult feat though that is), to dress like her, to go for simplicity and class at all times, to seek within me the gentle strength she possesses.

I always think that the day I meet Genny, I would definitely introduce myself and then proceed to become a closer friend, the kind she laughs with and tells things and goes on boat rides with and our hair will fly all over our faces in the wind. I guess it wasn’t unbelievable for me when Mercy Johnson said she hid in the boot of her friend’s car when she saw Genny. lol! The thought of it! I am absolutely positive I won’t go for the boot of a car, my claustrophobia won’t permit it, but I can imagine how that could happen. I mean, I met Uti Nwachukwu after his first time in Big Brother Africa, and just kept blubbering. I wasn’t coherent, otherwise I’d have remembered a conversation which I am certain took place, though all I remember was me nodding and moping and just stroking his chest. I wonder if I even got saliva on his shirt as I speechlessly, with drool on my mouth, put my chin on his shirt. I didn’t even get a picture, my thumbs wouldn’t work. I just kept on gushing God-knows-what…Kai!

Anyway, the best part of our friendship – you know, the one I’d cultivate with Genny when I meet her – would be when she gives me most of her fabulous dresses – casuals, formal, cocktails, date night, oh you name it. I hope I can maintain a good, fit body like hers as I age. I hope I can remain as cool and calm as she appears as time flies by.

On that note, my biggest wish is – To meet and sit out with Genevieve Nnaji, maybe even get that boat ride. lol. It’s a beautiful world, and we are in it.

If you succeed in reading this epistle to the very end, tell us your biggest wish and who knows, some genie may make it come true.

Written by Sylvia Igwe

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. shakespeareanwalter

    #TeamGenevieve. Dazzal. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha! This chick is a case!

  3. Wow, i tot it was Walter that wrote this piece seeing as he absoutely adores Genny and i was getting pretty worried wen i got to d part of stroking Uti’s chest, u can imagine my relief wen i discovered it was a female’s handiwrk.
    I loved it, unfortunately i dnt particularly absolutely adore any actor or actress so am taking a rain check on d wish.
    Bia Walter, is it jst me or can anyone else see the column for housewives tales, I cant seem to find it atall.

  4. For a moment I thought this was Walter writing seeing how much he adores Genevive.

    I’m not ‘star-struck’ so I dont have a star related wish yet. But my biggest wish…lemme see. Right now, I just wish I could get a tub of Coldstone Icecream and a bucket of fried chicken and a good mushy movie or novel to go with it.

    And yes…for the star-struck part, I wish very much to meet Walter.

    • shakespeareanwalter


    • That right there, JayChioma, is my biggest wish. A huge tub of Coldstone ice cream and a bucket of fried chicken plus a side of Domino’s pizza and a good movie to boot. Now that is bliss!!! Is that another inch on my waistline?! Darn, these blasted carbs!!!!

  5. Since JayChioma is the only one who has made a wish, Walter make her dream come true. A drink will be nice or a Coldstone sit out. lol

  6. Truth be told I though it was my dear Waltz who desired to dress like Genny…I was indeed concerned.
    But this babe is very imaginative sha; Genny giving her most of her dresses and the boat ride…
    Well, as Aladin liveth, there may just be a genie around the corner.
    Ehen JayChioma! I adopt your star-struck wish.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      All of una that want to eat ice cream…issorait

    • Hello there Melexie dearie! Fancy seeing you here after a very long absence and yes, I’ve been keeping tabs! Stalker Alert! Kidding or NOT!!! I’ll let you decide that! *grinning*

      I got your message and I was soooo bowled over and pretty humbled! You really did brighten up my little corner of the world with those golden tidings! I was practically over the moon like I’d just hit a jackpot! Thank you soo much dear, God bless and honour you beyond your imaginations! You rock for shizzie, PIECES! *bearhugs* LOL

  7. I want her to be my guest of honor at my wedding ohhhhhhh…

  8. hahahah…so it wasn’t just me thinking it was walter at first…u can imagine walter borrowing one of genny’s exquisite classy gowns….how alluring!! lwkm

  9. These are very lofty wishes Sylvia, but they’re what dreams are made of! If you can think it, abi should that be if you can dream it? *pondering* Anyhow yagayaga, you definitely can do it! LMAO!

    Hmm….my biggest, most ‘unrealistic’ wish would be for Walter to get his wish of getting adopted by ‘Brangelina’ come true and I honestly dunno how that will pan out seeing as he’s totally strung up on Angelina, in which case she’d double up as foster mum and or lover?! Twisted ei?! *Yimu* LOL

    • shakespeareanwalter

      JISOX!!!!! YEMIE!!! Did you have to spell all that out?! Ewww! Ew ew ew!

      • Hahahahaha! My bad Walter, that’s the thanks I get for wishing upon a star to have your utmost wish granted! Again, no good deeds goes unpunished! That figures, hmph! *straight faced*

        • Says the one who would give her right arm to just have clooney smile at her….oops my bad..did I say that out?

          • Well, whaddya know?! You thought wrong Doc! Better luck next time! *tongue out* LOL

          • shakespeareanwalter

            Hahahahahaa!!! Ah yes, Yemie and George Clooney. Yemie, how’s your heart mending over his recent marriage to the good lady Amal, by the way?

          • Gloating does not look good on you Walter! Besides, I’ll have you know the love I feel for him is selfless and I therefore set him free to fly and ‘do great exploits’! And that Walter, is love sooo true, so suck on that; hmph! LOL

          • shakespeareanwalter

            You freed him? And that’s love? You never start. Abeg, I’m not freeing Genny to go anywhere o. Whoever has her heart now or is planning to do so will answer to the Amadioha’s strike I’ll send his way.

  10. For a moment I thought this was walter….

    • Bug off Doc, its called sacrifice and I’ll bet you’ve never even heard of the word! Go google it, you can thank me later; no charge! Hmph!

      PS: incase you’re wondering, this response is for the comment up there. Em….on second thoughts, figure it out! *scoffing* LMAO

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Can everyone please get off the ‘Walter loves Genny’ train now? Please? Thank you!

  11. *Wakes up, stretches and mutters ‘pseudonym ‘then goes back to sleep*

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