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The Nigerian Actors That Can Play James Bond

Originally published on zikoko.com

There has been all this talk about who to play James Bond. Should Bond be black? Should he remain white? Should it be Idris Elba . . . Henry Cavill? Yeah, yeah, but none of the black people nominated were from Nigeria. How dare they?

So as long as this argument is ongoing, we have a way to help. Last week, we asked the Zikoko community which Nigerian actors they would nominate for the role of James Bond and we had quite a number of actors. So here are actors who can play the role of James Bond to perfection, according to Nigerians:

Saint Obinolly1We haven’t seen Saint Obi in action very much recently, but this picture of him made rounds on the internet. And in my honest opinion, it doesn’t get any more James Bond that this.

Daniel Effiongnolly2Popularly known for Goddammit It’s Monday (2012) and Gidi Up (2014). And his short film Crimson, won the 2014 Afrinolly Shortfilm Competition.

Sam Dedenolly3(Forgive me, I couldn’t resist 😀 ) Those of you that watched Isakaba probably know why he was nominated. Seriously. He scared the hell out of us then, he will own the James Bond role hands down!

Tope Tedelanolly4Remember Edge of Paradise? This was Julian on it. The name is Tedela. Tope Tedela.

Hanks Anukunolly6Hanks Anuku played circles around villains in his day. So maybe not exactly James Bond, maybe he should play the villain in the Bond movie.

Joseph Benjaminnolly5After seeing his acting in the movie Mr & Mrs, I was convinced that he could take on any role. So, this particular spy role would be a cake walk for him.

Chidi Mokemenolly7As far as I’m concerned, that’s his audition picture for the role right there. Pimp up that gun a little and there! You’ll have your James Bond!

Bob Manuel Udokwunolly8Idris Elba…who?

Emeka Ikenolly9We watched him fall in and out of love on our TV screens for years. He was preparing himself for the role he was born to play. Wonder who his Bond girl would be…

Ramsey Nouahnolly10Because why not? He’s a seasoned actor that wears a suit gracefully. What else?

OC Ukejenolly11OC Ukeje, man of many talents who has made an indelible name for himself in the movie industry. If they were looking here for James Bond, he would definitely be in the running!

Gbenro Ajibadenolly12He’s one of the best faces in Nollywood, and heroes have to be hot too.

Kunle Reminolly13Kunle Remi has had training for this role. He is an actor and Gulder Ultimate Search Season 7 winner. I can just imagine him going up against Hanks Anuku.

Please leave me. A person can dream.

Richard Mofe Damijonolly14This is the swag that James Bond wishes that James Bond has.Richard Mofe Damijo 04

Look at this man.Richard Mofe Damijo 03

I hope they’re looking to Nigeria for a black James Bond now. If they’re not, their loss.

Who else do you think can fit in the role perfectly? Please name them in the comments and share with your friends to get their opinions too!

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Walter, you just had to sell ya market alongside Sam Dede’s, abi? Lemme nor say anytin.

    Saint Obi – Too rough around the edges. Bond needs suave and that, unfortunately, he can’t give us that.
    Daniel Effiong – This ain’t House Husbands or Real Houseboys. We’re talking Bond here. Next!
    Sam Dede – Now that’s Bond material!
    Tope Tedala – Uhhhhh, no spark here. Bond needs the spark!
    Hanks Anuku – Methinks he should be the lapdog to the villain not the main guy.
    Joseph Benjamin – Uh, lopsided lips, hell no!
    Chidi Mokeme – Too fat! Shed some weight and re-audition.
    Bob Manuel – Hmmmmm! We’ll need to work on you a lil bit but you garrit.
    Emeka Ike – Too fake. Too street! Next!
    Ramsey Nouah – Nice actor, just shed some weight. Then, we’ll talk.
    O.C Ukeje – Now that what I’m talking about!
    Gbenro Ajibade – Lose the hair then we’ll talk. Next!
    Kunle Remi – Ummmm! No way, tanchu!
    RMD – My God! He’ll do wonders in this role! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

    *tears race before stories that tursh abound*

  2. Wait, no amaechi Muonagor? No Mr. Ibu? I mean you could have also given a honourable mention to Late Sam Loco Efe. This list ain’t complete jor, gerrarahia mehn.

  3. Maybe you audition too Walter . I’ll be ur agent …$$$$$$…

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