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The Movies That Ended Marriages

In Hollywood, by far the most common reason for married couples splitting is infidelity. We don’t want to condone the actions of any movie star that ditches their other half for someone else, but… when you’re working with some of the world’s most beautiful people, extended “lunch breaks” in your co-star’s trailer sure must be tempting…

Here’s a round-up of some of the most controversial film star dalliances that paid for Hollywood divorce lawyers’ Hawaiian holidays down the years.

‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ (2005) – Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie82a11b7aab3c725212bcab12b2fdd3de7a83710b

Perhaps the most famous example of what we’re talking about here is the creation of ‘Brangelina’. Angelina Jolie already had a bit of a reputation in her personal life and was instantly blamed by everyone for her affair with Brad Pitt.

The world was well and truly ‘Team Aniston’ at the time and the press dined out on the story for months. Jennifer Aniston and Brad divorced, while the actor and Angelina have stayed the course and are now the undisputed King & Queen of Movieland.

‘Proof of Life’ (2000) – Meg Ryan & Russell Crowe

After Russell Crowe stuck his angry Australian nose into Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid’s personal life, there really was no proof of life left in it. The pair’s nine-year marriage came to an end officially in July 2001. In an interview around the time, the actress claimed that her husband Dennis had been unfaithful throughout most of their time together. Meg and Russell didn’t last long and the Sleepless in Seattle actress was last seen breaking up US singer John Mellencamp’s marriage. Oh, Meg!

‘Cleopatra’ (1963) – Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton50a55d93f5752c43b30ba9d0608b2b13e3832767

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s fiery relationship is one of the most famous in celebrity history. The pair were married and divorced a couple of times and kept gossipers the world over chattering with their wild behaviour.

Their beginnings were not without controversy either – Liz left her singer hubby Eddie Fisher for the Welsh acting legend thanks to a public affair during the shooting of the Egyptian epic. Taylor and Fisher’s pairing had always been slightly frowned upon anyway since Liz’s ex before Eddie was Eddie’s best friend who had died. And Eddie left America’s darling Debbie Reynolds for Taylor. Confusing, eh?!

Yes. I’m kinda sorta thoroughly confused.

‘Dream House’ (2011) – Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig912795df5b86c17f80105703fc258753db2ee3c0

You had to feel sorry for lauded American director Darren Aronofsky when his missus, English actress Rachel Weisz left him. Not only did she ditch him for her co-star in the dire ghost story ‘Dream House’, that co-star was none other than 007 himself, Daniel Craig. And it’s probably rather difficult to compete for ladies with James Bond, isn’t it?

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ (1988) – John Malkovich & Michelle Pfeifferabbf2b80b6ce83549074bcc839ec1087acb0dc4b

Dick Tracy star Glenne Headly probably thought she was safe when she married John Malkovich. Without wanting to sound too rude, Ol’ John has never featured too highly in any ‘Sexiest Actors’ lists, has he? And the thought of him hooking up with Michelle Pfeiffer on the set of Dangerous Liaisons was one that probably didn’t linger too long in Headly’s mind. She didn’t realise that cheating on your wife with Catwoman is all just part of Being John Malkovich.

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  1. Still resent Jolie for that Jen and Brad split by the way….

  2. You know, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are one of those with the most intense on-screen chemistry starring together in more than one film, Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride! But did they ditch their significant others for their on-screen liaisons?! NEVER! I just love those two to death!

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