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The Most Absurd Break-Up Letters Of All Time

There’s not much to say here by way of intro, except that some of these letters are downright hilarious. Some people really need to use their words, honestly. LOL. Check on them below.slide_292416_2346361_freeslide_292416_2346362_freeslide_292416_2346363_freeslide_292416_2346364_freeslide_292416_2346365_freeslide_292416_2346366_freeslide_292416_2346367_freeslide_292416_2346368_freeslide_292416_2346369_freeslide_292416_2346370_freeslide_292416_2346371_free

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  1. She had to design a billboard?! Mehn! That’s about the ‘grossest’ of gross!

  2. I think I love the bill board letter most. She got his attention finally.

  3. The one riding a giraffe though *Rotfl

  4. Hahahahaha. Oh these are hilarious. Welcome back

  5. The return of the Jedi (obvious reason she broke up with him sef) and that billboard letters got me..nice one.

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