Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, was a survivor of the holocaust in the Second World War during which about 6 million Jews were murdered. Captured as a prisoner of war, he was forced to work as a slave on concentration camps, was exposed to cold, disease and starvation, lost his wife and all other family members except his sister. In that place of darkness, unspeakable horror, immense suffering and despair, he made an important observation about himself and other prisoners that surrounded him. It was this…ch1

The war had taken away his possessions, taken his dignity, taken his family and had indeed taken all that it could possibly take from him except one thing. It could not take away his freedom to choose what attitude he would put forth in any particular situation.

Many things have gone wrong in your life and this is not your choosing. You did not choose to be in the unfortunate situation you find yourself. However, as regards your attitude in that situation, you are always free to choose. Always! And nothing can take this freedom from you. And it is worth noting that…ch2

You see, there are many people out there who have wonderful and amazing abilities. In this very moment, there are genuises lying in the gutter, drunk, reeking of alcohol and homeless. Posession of capacity or ability is simply not enough. More important than what you have is what you do with what you have. If you have chosen to say “I cannot do it” or “I am not good enough” or “I am helpless”, then you must know that two things are happening. First is that negative situation in which you find yourself. And the second important thing that happened is YOU, a pessimistic YOU, a you who excercised his last freedom in negativism.

But how about those people who were negative and succeeded anyway? Dia ris God!

You should however know this…ch3

If you have the wrong attitude towards your business, relationship, studies, family, friends and succeed anyway, it is called luck. If you are going to spend your life waiting for a lucky turn of events, I wish you the best. But there are those who want success enough to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Unless you want to change your name to Lucky. Kukuma turn to dog na?

Many are paralysed by a baggage of emotion and as a result cannot get up and fight for their own lives. But you must know…ch4

Extreme guilt and a planet-load of worrying is useless. Cry for a thousand years into a million drums and take it to the market. Then would you understand the utter worthlessness of tears, wishes, guilt and regret. Yes we understand that these are in important aspect of human expression, but let us also admit that they are lacking in value. Too many people spend their lives wishing for one thing or another. Know this…ch5

Wishes only work with genies and fairy godmothers. Unless you have access to one of either, you pick your ass from the floor, get to the drawing board and make for yourself a strategy. You don see upstairs wey dem use only “I wish! I wish!” to build? Shuo? Yes, people have done this and that to you and life has done this and that to you, but YOU are the one who choose to do NOTHING but WISH, you are the one who CHOSE not to have a strategy. Take responsibility for your own choices! Why don’t you make better use of your ability to choose? And guess what…ch6

My dear, I promise you one thing. You see this power of choice that is yours, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE USING IT. If you decide to lie down all day and stare at the ceiling, it still counts as a choice. And there is something else you must know about every choice you make.ch7

Chai!! Na wah oh! So you see that there are no neutral choices. Every single choice you will ever make has a consequence, even if it’s a choice to do NOTHING. In other words, there is always a SOMETHING that follows a choice to do NOTHING. Nelson Mandela has something to tell you sha…ch8

Many are running around without a strategy. Oh boy, you just dey mark time oh!  Well wishers, una dey? Day dreamers INC, I am greeting. My friend, listen to this…ch9

If you WANT it, you have got to WORK for it. If you like, wish so hard and pop a vessel, all you will have is a popped vessel and nothing else. Ask yourself, “What can I do?” Your DOING is important. Check this…ch10

The true currency of success is ACTION. When it is backed up by a solid strategy, you are good to go. Wishing is easy, wanting doesn’t require special skills but DOING is where the challenge lies. Talk is cheap. Biko na who no get mouth? Everyone can wish, everyone can want, but how many are doing? And for those of you waiting and waiting for the right moment…ch11

You don’t have to wait anymore. Time waits for no man! Why aren’t you doing something? Oh! I hear what you are saying. You are giving me a long list of what you don’t have, what you never had, what you lost etc. And we are right back where we started. You just made a choice and this is your chosen attitude. You have chosen to be a person who believes that his success is not in his hands. In other words you have chosen to focus on the negative aspects of your situation. I need to remind you again…ch12

But you went out there with a good strategy and the right attitude and you kept failing! You tried your very best! Maybe you did, but I have a question for you. After failing the hundredth time, what ATTITUDE did you chose? Learn from Abraham Lincoln about right attitude.ch13

Tanchu my broda! The true definition of FAILURE is QUITTING. Be sitting there, pressing your phone abi laptop. Do you know how many hours were spent labouring day and night, via trial and error and a million failures before success after success, the components of your gadget were invented? If you think you are just going to reach out and succeed in life without having a good measure of failure, you are being unrealistic. Everyone knows failure at one point or the other in the lives. What is more important is not the failure itself but your ATTITUDE towards failure. Life will say NO repeatedly and the majority will go home weeping. But there are those who will not take no for an answer.ch14

You say to me, “Bros, leave that thing. It is not easy”. Well, that’s alright. You just chose your attitude. And like we have shown, every choice has a consequence. Like I always say, that a thing is DIFFICULT does not mean it should not or cannot be done. It is NECESSITY rather than DIFFICULTY that should determine what gets done. How will focusing on the difficulty of the task help your performance? And this thing you sit all day and cry that it is difficult, people all over the world are doing it every minute. So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn about attitude again from a “great failure.”ch15

Now you have gazed into the mind of a man who failed his way to success. Don’t ask how he did it. Now you know. Ever heard of Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb? They say he kept looking for the right material for the flame of the light bulb and failed 1000 times. Some say he even failed 2000 times. But this is what he had to say about that…ch16

Omo, check attitude na? Someone even said Edison was “excellent at failing”. This is precisely what knocks so many down. They are not excellent at failure, being unable to handle failure. I remind you…ch17

You have the power to choose your attitude to any situation you find yourself. You have the power to choose what you will do or not do. Of all the infinite options in the realm of possibility and choice, why have you chosen this particular attitude? You say you have no choice? I beg to disagree. You always have a choice when it comes to attitude. You can always choose what to think and what to do. For every one million boys who get crushed by Goliath, there is always one David you slays him, in spite of the odds. What are you going to be, say and do in this situation you find yourself? Why don’t you make a better choice? Because, my dear friend…ch18

Written by Manny

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Hahaha, that last picture eh.
    Thanks for this manny, it really was a pick-me-up

  2. Manny your an inspiration. Tnx for the morning dose , it came at the right time.

  3. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    #FearOfPoverty ????

  4. That’s the annoying thing about life. You can’t just press pause and sulk, expecting it to stay and wait for you to be done. Life keeps on going, inadvertently making it so that you’ve made a choice not to go along with it.
    Nice piece, Manny.

  5. Ooooooooooooooshe!!!!!!
    Thank you, Manny for teaching me how to fail forward!!!!*off to work on my attitude

  6. Right on time!
    Thanks much Manny.

  7. anybody can be told what to do, but it doesnt mean its easy. We also tend to act in ways that favour the least stress, least work, least pain. And ways that keep danger and harm away. Thats general humanity for u. If we all abide by what you wrote wel all be millioniarres……..so your writing eh…..btw dont blame me, there gas to be one bad comment ..critiCkulg

  8. Hahaha Omg this is wonderful n amazing. God bless u sir

  9. This is truly amazing and wonderful

  10. It’s an amazing piece… manny u r an inspiration to the world

  11. Nice piece. How he got the pictures to support his assertions left me thinking. Keep it up, Manny.

  12. We were all born to move on.

  13. nice one. the right attitude is everything! God help me.

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