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The Initiative for Equal Rights Presents ‘UNTOLD FACTS’ by Moses Omoghena

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is pleased to announce the launch of a new discussion series: “UNTOLD FACTS” moderated by TV host and media personality Moses Omoghena.Moses-2

UNTOLD FACTS is a 20-minute discussion show developed and produced by TIERs and geared towards enhancing the visibility of human rights, particularly sexual rights and sexual health rights in Nigeria.  It hopes to encourage the creation of an alternative narrative to shape public discussions on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. It promises to break boundaries and clarify myths and misconceptions around sexual orientation, gender identity and expression by addressing the issues with new faces and developing a fact-based generation that will challenge false narratives around the subject.

The show takes the form of a monthly YouTube Series disseminated through the TIERs YouTube Channel. From May 2016, new episodes will be uploaded every last Thursday of each month at 7pm.

The show will feature guests from diverse backgrounds including medical, legal, and social workers. The guests will discuss a variety of sexual orientation and gender identity issues in the context of a broader human rights discussion, including but not limited to discriminatory laws and access to services for LGBT persons in Nigeria, the impact of discriminatory laws on LGBT and non-LGBT persons in Nigeria, ideas on sexuality and spirituality, violence based on real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, visibility and coming out.

Audience participation is encouraged on social media platforms using the hashtag #UNTOLDFACTS as well as via comments on the TIERs YouTube Channel.

For further information about the programme and participation as a guest, please contact info@initiative4equality.org. TIERS-NEW-FLIER_-1

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  1. Just now subscribed to TIERs youtube channel. I’ll mosdef be tuning in for this. Seems potentially enlightening. Good going, Holy Moses. 😀

  2. This is cool. But is there any law against entertaining topics or public discussion on matters such as this?

    • Nigeria Broadcasting Commission wouldn’t allow this on TV, Radio etc which is why we decided to go through online platform which has less or no restriction.

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