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The Housewives Humour

I saw the memes below on Instagram, and immediately, my mind leaped to Adaku of the Housewives’ Tale, and her vow to be good, even when the temptation to be bad was so, so strong.

Screenshot - 2_28_2015 , 12_06_47 AMLOL! After Mercy and Leticia and Ifeanyi, it’s only the special strength from the Lord that is required to stay from bitch-slapping somebody from Sunday to Sunday.

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  1. I tell you , atimes you just swallow your words cos you know what is trying to come out you will regret later. as for leti im waiting for the day ada ada will download her cooked up madness on her.

  2. Lolzzzz!!! It perfectly described my state of mind this morning. I’m looking for biz expansion money. Io don’t wanna remove out of it for bail.

  3. lmao…

  4. Adeleke Julianah


  5. Hahahahahaha! Ihe a na-aru adirokwa easy, umunnem na umunnam n’ime Kraist

  6. LOL!!!! Nice one!!!

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