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The Hilarious Tweets of #NigeriansAtHogwarts

Nigerians on Twitter have come up with the funniest tweets possible by imagining what it would be like if Nigerians were to attend the Hogwarts School of  Witchcraft & Wizardry. And so, the hashtag #NigeriansAtHogwarts was birthed and trended all of yesterday.

I swear, these tweets are so goddarn hilarious. I may have cracked a rib or two, so hard did I laugh. And because I’m generous with humour, I simply had to share. Who knew Nigerians were such fantastic Harry Potter fans?

Check out some of the tweets below. And share some creativity of your own in the comments section. 😀

#NigeriansAtHogwarts 1#NigeriansAtHogwarts 2#NigeriansAtHogwarts 3#NigeriansAtHogwarts 4#NigeriansAtHogwarts 5#NigeriansAtHogwarts 6#NigeriansAtHogwarts 7#NigeriansAtHogwarts 8#NigeriansAtHogwarts 10#NigeriansAtHogwarts 9#NigeriansAtHogwarts 11#NigeriansAtHogwarts 12#NigeriansAtHogwarts 13#NigeriansAtHogwarts 14#NigeriansAtHogwarts 15#NigeriansAtHogwarts 16

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  1. Hahahahahahaha! Na the aladura pic kill me

  2. The one where Professor Umbridge is really Patience Ozokwor… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAA!!! I swear, I think I’ve cracked a rib from reading these tweets. Naija ooo!

  3. LOL! Omo, posted to Azakaban for NYSC, that is enough to give a youth corper cause for concern abeg

  4. Foetus deletus, for real?

  5. Chai! See wetin I miss for Twitter yesterday ooh. All this while I’ve been concentrating on Vine. Funny funny funny. Is it still trending?

  6. Omg the posting to Askaban for NYSC!! I died!!

  7. Choi…why I nor visit Twitter yesterday oh…these got me in stitches mehn…’foetus deletus’ for real???
    Chai chai chai…so defence against dark arts class must be started with anointing oil? Ehn ehn what’s the essense of flying if you still get stuck in Ikorodu’s. Hold-up and the next thing na ‘gala’?

  8. This is riddikulus!

  9. I can’t even pick a favourite, they all hilarious. Nigerians are crazy

  10. Exfecto Factronum! Jiiiiiiizox!!! LMAO

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