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The Nigerian Christian And His Vulnerability

Never EVER underestimate the vulnerability of a trusting person. Do not downplay how weakened the mental defences are of the one who believes in you—who puts their trust in you.

I speak for my mom. For my neighbours. For my friends and acquaintances. I speak for all men and women who sleep in the churches of their favorite pastors, healers and apostles. Who buy holy artefacts of questionable healing properties (holy oil, holy hanky etc.). I speak for all parents who leave their children with child molesters donning religious regalia and speaking in soothing voices.

You have no idea how willing people who have been through a lot in life—whose burdensome yokes seem to get heavier with every new day—are to believe the everything-is-going-to-be-alright encouraging words of the people of authority they have come to trust. The child who believes the words of the uncle that the sexual molestation she has had to endure for years was for her own good. The denizen who believes the politician’s false manifestos. The salary earner who falls for the “this new product will double your money” MLM scam/fraud introduced to them by their trusted relatives and the widow who defends her Daddy-in-the-Lord’s mile-high misadventures aboard expensive private jets and luxurious lifestyle, funded by her mite and that of others like her.

Sometimes, when religious faithfuls are called “sheeple”, “religidiots” by atheists and the ungodly, it stems from a place of lack of understanding of how vulnerable their beliefs and trust have made them. Do you think the one who says “leave me. Is it your money?” honestly knows what is going on? The vulnerable would always fight to protect the one who deceives them. In politics, in the family as in religion.

Which is why I would always fight the one who breaks the trust of the vulnerable. If someone gives you their trust, become vulnerable for you, NEVER BREAK THEIR TRUST. Or be honest to them from the beginning.

Pentecostal preachers are terrible humans. They’re the quintessential scum of the earth, just above Nigerian Police Officers in hierarchy. They sell false miracles to the their faithfuls. The offer false promises. They come up with ingenious, yet ignoble ways to fleece their flock. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They take advantage of their followers.

They tell their members to pay tithe so they don’t invoke God’s curses by robbing him—an obvious lie. They NEVER give account of what the monies are used for.

“I have given my money to God! That’s all that matters!” It’s a lie! You’ve not given your money to any god. You’ve given it to your daddy G.O who has, for the longest time, used psychological arm-twisting, to keep you believing you’re giving to God, while funding his/her opulence.

If you would not criticize your pastors, because you trust, believe and love them—if you would defend them with your lives—I understand. You’re vulnerable. I would not blame you. I have seen your type before. Every day. In romantic relationships as in politics.

But I will. I will criticize them. Because I believe the one who has the moral obligation to uphold trust is the one to whom it is given, not the one who gives.

PS: The atheist who ridicules your beliefs, who criticizes your doctrines and who puts holes in your argument—smug as he may be—is NOT your enemy! Your enemy is the one who tells you he loves you to distract you while fondling your pockets (or genitals) for loose change.

Written by Godswill Vesta

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