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The AMVCA, And The Judgment Of The Fashion Police (lol)

The 2015 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards took place on Saturday night, and seeing as it is one of the biggest Award shows/night to come out of Africa, people talked about it – about our celebrities and what they were wearing.

And this year’s red carpet showed a wild evolution of styles.

Take Alex Ekubo for example, who stepped on the red carpet in a blazer that had heads turning, and had some others seeing red, blue, white and gold all at the same time. Talk about making yourself a rival of the rainbow.AMVCA-2015_111__360nobs

Well, a friend, self appointed officer of the Fashion Police, saw the crime Alex committed, and below is his fine. Lol.Screenshot_2015-03-08-13-27-08

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  1. I’m glad that this coat of many colours was worn by my 2nd worst actor in Nollywood (after Tony Umez, of course)….it would have been heart-breaking to see Kalu Ikeagwu or Gideon Okeke on this. Alex has apparently been playing too much Candy Crush

  2. Hahaaa.. Rubik Cube in 5D

    • ShannonLeee and I would like to add…Germans find this acceptable. They believe that everyone should have access to a certain level of health care…even poor people. They also believe that people should have access to something better if they have the wealth to pay for it. So what they have is private and public options….private providing access to the Chief of Surgery…public provides access to someone down the food chain.and Americans paying cash get access to the Chief.

  3. I like the jacket. I think it’s bold and different…

  4. Adeleke Julianah

    Oh well…The guy may be suffering from color blindness and thinks the color he’s wearing is just black and white. #JustSaying

  5. Abegi!!!! LOL. make una mercy for the guy na…

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