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Previously on Down Low… * Timilehin Sonaike glanced anxiously at the whimsical mouse-shaped wall clock that had been a gift to Ronke Quadri from one of her patients. Ironically, it was the same Ronke that Timilehin was keeping a vigil for, clutching her bathrobe around her slender neck and intermittently ...

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LADIES FIRST: My Reality, Your Movie

365 is a lot of numbers for a child learning to count, but ₦365 is not enough to get a KFC value pack. 365 days also make up a year and a lot can happen in a year. Life is really short because I can remember every detail of last ...

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Much Ado About The Friendzone

The following was penned by Eketi Ette as her Facebook update, and it proved to be so hilarious, I simply had to share. You know how I love to bring laughter to all ye lovely people of MyMindSnaps. Do read and enjoy. 😀 * Friend zone. /ˈfrend ˌzəʊn/ “That special ...

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Finding Hubby (Episode 16)

Ossy took a seat opposite me as a waiter followed him closely with an exquisite bottle of white wine, the type that I liked. “Is this a joke or something? Or are you on a date with Gloria here?” I asked, confused. Someone had been sending me romantic notes and ...

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