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#DifferentTypesOfSame: Call Me Special/I Bloom Like A Rose

I recently watched a short film by Ishaya Bako titled “Enitan”. In the movie, the protagonist, Enitan was a young girl stigmatized and ridiculed by peers and teachers, because of her inability to learn at the same pace with her mates. She was called stupid, dumb and treated like an ...

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#DifferentTypesOfSame: My Claim To Sameness

Two routes lead to my house, and for reasons I cannot remember, I follow one route when going out and follow the other when returning home. (I guess it’s just a weird habit) Recently, a motorcyclist tried taking my ‘out-route’ on my way home, and somehow my brain revolted. I ...

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FOREWORD: People who champion noble causes are people who should be admired. Celebrities. Moguls. And people like my friend, Godfrey Orji. For as long as I’ve known him, Godfrey has been a spokesperson for the autism, using what he has – in this case, writing – to educate the world ...

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