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Surviving A World With People Like R. Kelly

I watched the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ series yesterday. All six episodes of them. And I am traumatized. I dreamt about the man. I went to pee in the night twice and returned to continue dreaming about him, right into this morning. That guy is a soul snatcher. Ever wondered why ...

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There is something fundamentally wrong – and using the word ‘wrong’ here doesn’t even describe it – but yes, there is something so deeply wrong with the way we groom both girls and boys to initiate/see sex. I followed a thread on twitter recently and it was sad to see ...

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THE JOURNAL: What Is It About Sex?

One of the many reasons I admire my friend, Eketi Ette, is because she is exactly the kind of Christian I’d like to be when I grow up. Outspoken, assertive, unencumbered by the many bylaws most of today’s Christians appear to be laboring under, and she pushes the boundary just ...

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