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I had a condition, one that was getting managed with medication pending the near-million naira invasive procedure that the doctors assured me would fix it. I was saving up for it. Meantime, the drug regimen seemed to be doing a pisspoor job of managing the condition. I was gradually getting ...

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Some days you’ll fear the morning Some nights the darkness is frightening Some nights you’ll welcome the morning Some days you’ll find the darkness inside This game of not knowing Not trusting Self This life of a whim This whim of a life The unpredictability The unpredictable ability to ruin ...

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“Can I tell you something? I do not like what you said to me the other day.” And just like that, this person yanks you by the sleeve and shoves you beneath their critical microscope of human behaviour. No one is perfect. We sing it like a song about others ...

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‘Different Is Good.’ – Angelina Jolie

Yes, the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards are still happening, and Angelina Jolie is proving that they’re still relevant. On Saturday, after the actress won the award for “Best Villain” for her role in Maleficent, she gave a truly stirring speech that children, and adults for that matter, everywhere should take ...

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Who Am I?

Who am I? Just three words. But it’s proven to be one of the most difficult questions to answer. It goes beyond your name or physical description. It entails a series of other questions. Questions like: Why was I born? How did I get here? What’s my purpose and goal? ...

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