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THE JOURNAL: That Other Nigerian Sin

Dear Diary, I have a confession to make. And I’m just going to say it once. I don’t go to church. There, it’s said. Speak of it to no one, diary, and if my Mother sees this and queries me, I’ll deny, Deny, DENY!!! Anyway, so the last time I ...

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The Things They Say…about Nigeria II

When are we going to stop ‘managing’ in this place? When are we going to stop mixing ‘forgiveness’ with impunity (because they are not the same thing)? How long will it take for us as individuals and a society as a whole to come to grips with our dismal acceptance ...

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Being a woman at this time, in this century has its definite advantages and pitfalls. Being a Christian woman can be especially challenging because there are so many things out there that are so pleasurable and tempting and yet so dangerous to the sensitive spirit of a woman. I often ...

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The Things They Say: 190

“I already had the sense that I was someone who was more spiritual than specifically religious. … I’m really interested in those things that are more far-reaching than culture, nationality, race, religion.” Actress Emma Watson, who recently starred in movie, Noah, speaks on how being a part of the biblical ...

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