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No matter what they said, he would not hear of it. His mind was made up, this Uncle of mine. He was tall and broad-shouldered with a voice that boomed. I can never remember a time when his head wasn’t shaved smooth. His wife was actually my blood relation, not ...

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For Better Or For A Lot Worse

Originally published on johnpavlovitz.com Serving as a pastor for the last seventeen years, I’ve had the privilege of getting a front row seat to many people’s marriages; sharing in the expectant hope of preparation, working triage in the bloody trenches of conflict, helping grieve in the stunned aftermath of failure. ...

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THE JOURNAL: That Icky Thing About Commitments

Dear Diary I think I’m deliberately setting myself up to be a disappointment to my mother. I recently updated my Blackberry pm with the message: ‘I do not believe in the institution of marriage.’ And the aftermath of that declaration was a series of pings and phone calls from friends ...

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