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Kevin Spacey Should Be Cancelled, Not ‘House of Cards’

In the wake of damning allegations around Kevin Spacey’s behavior, Netflix has halted ‘House of Cards’. But what they should do is let Robin Wright continue to lead — and just fire Spacey. The finale of House of Cards’ fifth season ended with Claire Underwood turning to the camera as ...

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THE JOURNAL: That Other Nigerian Sin

Dear Diary, I have a confession to make. And I’m just going to say it once. I don’t go to church. There, it’s said. Speak of it to no one, diary, and if my Mother sees this and queries me, I’ll deny, Deny, DENY!!! Anyway, so the last time I ...

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The Things They Say: 209

“Do you know what, I’m reluctant to say, I watched the whole thing of. Scandal… It’s amazing. I was with somebody, they were watching, I was like, ‘What is this show?’ and I watched one episode… and then I literally spent the next four days watching the whole thing. I ...

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