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Previously on DOWN-LOW… * “I know you are judging me right now…” Martin whispered, after relaying the details of the night before to Siji. “I am not judging you,” Siji said, his lips pursed and his gaze narrowed. “Then what’s with the look on your face?” Martin asked. Siji sighed and ...

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Pills And Potions

I sat in the boxy room, staring at the young woman lounging on the worn couch in front of me. She was clicking away at her phone, acting like she couldn’t be bothered that I was there in the room with her. The only thing of interest in the room ...

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Previously on DOWN LOW… * Martin shook his head as he read the BBM messages from his best friend, Siji. He sighed heavily and typed a reply. Your boyfriend shaaaaaa…He’s such a stressful person. Is it your stress? Pls leave him like that for me <3, Siji typed back. Martin ...

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Click HERE for Down Low (Episode 1) * “I hope you turned down her silly offer,” said Ayo Akande, Siji’s boyfriend of almost two years, as he washed off the dishes they had used for dinner in the kitchen of the small but tasteful one-bedroom apartment they both shared in ...

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Rainy days were created for cuddling, Adaora thought, as she lay languidly on her bed while her eyes followed the path of falling raindrops on her window pane, while the sound of rain played like music in her ears. Warm hands moved across her bare midriff, and Adaora clasped one ...

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Before I found out the meaning of the word ‘effeminate’, I was already aware of how much of a girl I was. Then, I would have given a finger to become a dancer in a pop video, painting my lips and wearing wigs that cascaded to my waist. It was ...

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