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PREY FOR ME (Part Two)

Previously on Prey For Me… * The running girl dashed along the wooden planks that made up the thoroughfares of Magodo K, traitorous heels telling her pursuers each corner she turned. The boys followed confidently, eyes wide in the gloom. They were more familiar with the slum, as they spent ...

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They called it Magodo K. One of the most notorious slums deep in the heart of Lagos, by day, it was a riotous pool of sweaty hustlers and traders, stomping along its wooden paths and ducking into makeshift buildings to conduct transactions both fair and unfair. But by night, the ...

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“Oh Jesus, Alex, you’re bleeding!” He looked down at his arm and saw the blood that had stained the part of his shirt that covered his upper arm. He gently lifted the cloth off his arm to reveal a bloody cut. I looked around and saw no one with a ...

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The deafening sound resonated in my ears. I had to wait a few seconds for the ringing in my ears to stop. Somehow, we had ended up with our backs against a tree. Alex had obviously regained his hearing before me, because he reached out to help me up so ...

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