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Previously on AS THE COURT PLEASES… * “Sir, but no one knows all the law!” Kingsley was getting a bit pissed. “Study, my young man! Study!” Ihechi’s boss said with a benign smile. A smile which does nothing to cool Kingsley’s rising temper. Ihechi gave out a light chuckle, earning her ...

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“Objection overruled,” the bespectacled judge said again. This case was exasperating. She had allowed the badgering go on, hoping the accused would break down and confess. But it didn’t seem likely to happen soon. “You were spotted with the victim, Miss Chioma, aged six, on Friday the thirteenth of September ...

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As someone who noticed everything, who worried about everything, as someone who paid attention to every single detail, he noticed this too. And, yes, the irony was not lost on him. He was wearing the same shirt his father gave him on the same day he was about to vilify ...

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