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Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, was a survivor of the holocaust in the Second World War during which about 6 million Jews were murdered. Captured as a prisoner of war, he was forced to work as a slave on concentration camps, was exposed to cold, disease and starvation, ...

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IN HER OPINION: Brave Women Choose Prostitution

Akpara. Akwuna. Ashawo. Funny how in Ibibio, Igbo and Yoruba, the word for whore sounds the same – this class of women that we’re taught to turn up our noses at, because they don’t fit in with the pretty picture of society’s questionable morality. Three days ago, I put up ...

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Finding Hubby (Episode 12)

The next day, I switched off all my phones and left home. My mum had called me at least 20 times that morning to keep reminding me that I should not throw away this opportunity to settle down. I checked into a room in Peninsula Resort, Ajah, away from everybody ...

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Finding Hubby (Episode 11)

I stood there, jaw dropped all the way to the ground. Even with all the racing of my imagination, this scenario had not occurred once. I had imagined rushing into the room and throwing a huge tantrum and even throwing the girl out in her underwear. I had imagined pulling ...

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Finding Hubby (Episode 8)

I got back from Dubai five days later, with my man. Now that’s the sweetest thing to say. Me, Oyin omo Clegg that left Lagos manless, am returning with a man, and a heck-a hunk of a man. I wish I would run into that Moroti again now, so I ...

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