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Where Is He Now?

Against the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack of Nilu’s Are You With Me, in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 14, April Kepner – the only doctor in Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital who is a Bible-believing Christian – could be heard saying the following words: _____ “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabaachthani?” That’s what Jesus ...

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The Nigerian Christian And His Vulnerability

Never EVER underestimate the vulnerability of a trusting person. Do not downplay how weakened the mental defences are of the one who believes in you—who puts their trust in you. I speak for my mom. For my neighbours. For my friends and acquaintances. I speak for all men and women ...

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I can’t hear above the din of the crowd. It’s just as well, I think my hearing is starting to go anyway. It is a historic day. Apartheid is officially over. South Africa is finally free from the evil that befell it so many years ago. We have a brand ...

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