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Stacey Dash Believes Rape Victims Are Bad Girls Who Like To Be Naughty, Actress Subsequently Apologizes

And the award for the dumbest comment of the month goes to…Stacey Dash! The actress recently reminded us of just how Clueless she truly is.

During an interview with FOX News’ Outnumbered, Dash shared her thoughts on rape victims, pulling out the whole, “don’t put yourself in a compromising situation” argument, as opposed to the “don’t rape folks” argument. When asked about Dartmouth College’s decision to ban hard alcohol on campus, Stacey suggested college women who are raped are “bad girls.”

Dash started by saying “good” female college students avoid frat parties. As for the bad girls…

“The other bad girls–bad women–are the ones who like to be naughty, might go out and play and get hurt and then, you know…But the other thing about this is that it then blames the alcohol instead of the person who over-drink. So it’s like, the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk; you get yourself drunk.”

The actress must have realized she went a little too far, because she is now backtracking on her Facebook page:

“After a failed attempt at humor about ‘good girls’ and ‘naughty girls,’ during my recent appearance on Outnumbered, I transitioned to the very serious issue of men blaming alcohol for their vile behavior. LET ME BE CLEAR: I am a victim of physical and sexual abuse. My point was that there IS NO EXCUSE for a man taking advantage of women under any circumstances. I believe that these universities focusing on alcohol consumption as a means to stop evil behavior takes the focus off the real issue of the objectification of women and how that can be prevented. I apologize to anyone who believed I was blaming the victims of these horrible acts.”

Nice apology, but the comments Dash made on “Outnumbered” definitely don’t sound like she was saying that there is no excuse for a man to take advantage of a woman. More like, ladies, don’t go out and be naughty; and fellas, don’t get drunk and take advantage of people.

What do y’all think?

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  1. There is no single reason under and above the sun to take advantage of any person, male or female. Rape is vile and disgusting, and I think rapists should get not less than ten years jail term when convicted.

    That said, and I’m about to get unpopular here, there is a little bit of truth in what she said. Based on rape accounts I’ve heard, a small population of the girls are “naughty girls” who went too far for their own good.

    A lot of these things can be prevented if humans have a bit more respect for themselves and others.

    • Miguel please shut up. You say it’s bad then say you side with her? Because of what, to be on the unpopular side like it’s kinda the cool kids club?

      Look, rape is terrible, no matter how drunk you both are, if she says no then take her no for it, not even if her skirt is slit to her ass.

      I’m not a fan of dash, never have been and its because of comments like this. Don’t even rape a prostitute, if men were brought up right then not one would even consider rape, under any circumstances as the right thing to do.


      • shakespeareanwalter

        What makes us any different from animals when we exhibit no self restraint and go with the primal instincts to force yourself on a woman? A rapist is an animal, and has no excuse for being so.

  2. Wow. I don’t know if i should cry or hit my head against the wall because another woman/human is victim blaming. What do people mean by “naughty girls”?There is no excuse for rape, no reason for rape and no “its her/his fault, she/he shouldn’t be there or she/he shouldn’t have worn that”. No means no. No matter where she/he is or no matter what she’s wearing. She has a choice and she has a right.

  3. I had a cousin that drank heavily. I saw, first hand, how alcohol effected her judgement, and rape… her sense of self-worth. It was PAINFUL… for both of us. (I was very protective of her.) As a result, my focus was more often centered on encouraging women not to put themselves in “compromising” situations. And I gave too little thought to the role and responsibility of men in these encounters. And then I read an article that, in blunt detail, drove home the point that “we are a society that teaches women not to get raped instead of teaching men not to rape.”

    …instead of teaching… men… not to rape.

    I’m less than a fan of Stacey Dash’s, but I’d feel like a hypocrite if I bashed her as much as I’m tempted to right now. Let it suffice that I find it unconscionable and oppressive, this practice we have of blaming the rape victim. I listened to some of the accounts and watched the video clips that were released from the Vanderbilt University rape. They talked about how this group of men inserted objects inside this woman’s lifeless body, how they passed her around like… a blunt. They shared how one friend callously suggested they not let her wake up so that they (the perpetrators) could evade punishment. And her boyfriend, a guy she wholly trusted, was part of it. who… who… WHO deserves this?! I ached for her.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      I haven’t seen those accounts, but it sounds so horrifying by just the telling. How can anyone know this and blame the victim. Jeez!

      • It was cRaZy. I’d heard about the incident because it was all over network news. But, I happened to catch it on 20/20, and they really went inside the case. Unbelievable!

  4. Rape is never excusable.
    if a girl is naughty, it is her choice. and she can give herself willingly to anybody she wants
    Rape takes away that choice. it obliterates that sense of personal boundary.
    a woman has the right to say yes and in the middle of the act say no. Men should respect that.
    there is no woman that begs for ‘it’. if she needs it, she will ask, nobody turned you into father Christmas trying to enter a place by a delusional belief of a perceived invitation.
    if she is begging for it, did she beg you? so wetin be your own?
    again, no excuse is tenable for rape

  5. Stacey Dash, where are you? Since we have nothing new to update today, couldn’t you have opened your mouth? For the sake of MMS, open your mouth and speak.

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