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Spot The Difference…lol

a0004-000006Reality star Kris Jenner and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay met recently and they shared the pictures they took together on their respective instagram pages. The pic on the left is from Kris Jenner’s instagram page, while the pic on the right is from Gordon Ramsay’s.

Can you spot the difference? 🙂

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  1. Lmaooo!!! Filter of life! smh….

  2. 2 diff pics, maybe it was the lighting, maybe she touched it up…i edit some of my pics too and i am not a near-menopausal-going-tru-a-divorce Kardashian

  3. Oh Gordon, you wicked wicked man! Don’t you know how to use instagram filters? Now look how you made the ever young Miss. Jenner age 10years. I’m sure those wrinkles on her faceare direct reflections from your own wrinkles.

  4. kkklux magic

  5. Darn those filters!!!

  6. Walter I hate to be the one to break it to you but thou art ‘evul’! I mean, how could you?! But for you pointing out these ‘discrepancies’, who woulda been the wiser ei?! And while Kris is being true to self, as the ‘Cleopatra’ of plastics and am talking ‘hard, shiny, cold plastic’; Gordon’s playing the ‘au naturel’ by the ear or just embracing ‘green’, by rockin’ ’em wrinkles, that tells countless stories of his struggles and victories in life and having ’em light up his page like the Fourth of July! On the flip side, Kris just gotta sing ‘Pop goes the wrinkles’! LMAO

  7. This Gordon guy sef!! Badbelle go kee you!! As ya face smooth for the first one, you no like am abi? Mtscheeeeeeeeew!!!

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