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Something About Kim Kardashian

I saw the following post on instagram, and simply had to share here. It was a post done by Kecy Anosike on the audacity of Kim Kardashian’s sensuality. Check on it:


A Beautiful WomanI think the world will remember Kim as a slut – a whore, and I don’t mind at all. Because she is a woman who has come to own her sexuality/sensuality in the way women are rebuked from. She’s a slut for fucking a bunch of guys, but the guys in return are simply removed from the shame of it, seen as conquerors; possessed with the victory badge of their maleness.

We are a people who treat sex as this burden on womanhood (I don’t know the right term right now, at this junction, for the LGBT) but face it, you probably just had sex. Or as you read this, you’re having sex or thinking of it. Or, if you’re not me, you’d probably be getting some tonight. Why do we treat it as something to be discussed, albeit lightly, only when we are playing Never Have I. That is when people unmask those that have done it in church, under the bed, inside the boot. Those that have done it even with their clothes still on.

Often people ask me: “Why this woman, what is it?” One time during an interview, the question was, “…as an intellectual, what do you find in someone like her.” Someone like her, implying less intellectual, even though she’s one of the underlying feminists of our time. Well, I think it’s her audacity. I’m just in awe of people who live life on their own terms. And oh, in case you haven’t been paying attention, “a whore” is just another term for women who are bold enough to exist sexually and psychologically on the same level as men.

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  1. At the end of the day, I really don’t see what is so grievous about the Kardashians that make them such a target for people. It’s not like they carry on with their lives in a way that is alien to humanity. They live and love and do everything else much the same way everyone else does. Difference is they have decided to put the camera on theirs and make money off it, while other people in glasshouses carry on behind their curtains.

  2. I laugh at People who Slut shame Kim K or say she’s a Airhead or Dumb Blonde or she’s famous for nothing. They can’t be more wrong about Kim.

    Make no mistakes further, this Woman is smarter than YOU. She’s enormously emotionally intelligent, She’s tough, she has excellent business acumen and she has drive and ambition. Nd she’s cultured and classy.

    Try bn relevant in the Entertainment world for more than a decade or better still be the Centerpiece to uplift and elevate ur entire Family to superstardome. Even the Kadashian grandchildren re guaranteed 5000 dollars per episode they appear in.

    I love her and I’m proud of how she’s made all the negativities people (who aren’t saints, no less) have thrown at her plus her own mistakes into Positives that has translated to wealth, relevance and social clout.

    To a fair amount, she’s a role model. Yes, she had a Sex tape, but it wasn’t with some random guy. It was with her then boyfriend. Nd many Celebrities have had Sex Tapes, how many have built a 200 million dollar empire on the backbone of it and in the process blow up their entire household to social media powerhouses??

    Nd aside her publicised past Sex life, she’s lived a decent lifestyle: she doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs. Nd A rich, ultra talented man who adores her in spades has made a honest woman outta her with kids. So she’s good!

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