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Shots fired! Video vixen Venita Akpofure blasts Toke Makinwa

Venita-vs-TokeRadio personality Toke Makinwa posts her video blogs every Wednesday, where she talks friendship, relationships, men etc. So last night she tweeted she was excited about putting out another vlog today.Untitled
…and video vixen Venita Akpofure, who seemed to have had enough of the weekly vlogs, took a jab at her. See her tweets below…Untitled2

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  1. Video vixen? What’s her name again? Mtchewwwww! Toke rocks joor. Or she jealous she has more popularity with her vlog than she does from her video-vixenhood? Mtchewwwww again!

  2. Damn……I wish I knew these ppl….oh well…*changing the channel*

  3. Shes a hater…#shrugs

  4. What’s Venita bitching about? Abi dem get quarrel before ni? Dis one pass me o! Toke, over to you o, what do u have to say for yaself? Lwkmd!

  5. agreeing with STORM, i wish i knew these people

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