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Seriously? New report claims Beyoncé had an affair with President Obama

UntitledBeyoncé apparently had an affair with President Obama, well, according to MediaTakeOut. It’s a ridiculous report. Yes, anything is possible, but this one is highly unlikely. Read the report below.

‘According to the French Press, Beyoncé and President Obama had an affair y’all. Here is what they are reporting in the French version of Glamour magazine, not the National enquirer y’all, Glamour magazine.

‘This morning the paparazzi Pascal Rostain invited the largest direct media Jean-Marc Morandini on Europe 1. According to him, the American press [will] disclose tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11, 2014, a “love affair” between Barack Obama and Beyoncé [He explained], “You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening. Moreover, it will come out tomorrow in an edition of the Washington Post, [so] we cannot say the alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé is being reported on by the gutter press.”

Already last week, the National Enquirer indicated that the U.S. presidential couple was on the verge of divorce and multiplied disputes.

Seriously? What is this – a new season of Scandal?

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  1. Lol.. Na big awo she chop na… No b small tin

  2. OH PUH-LLEEEEEZZZZzzzz! I thot it was Whoopi! Idiots!!

  3. Someone dial Olivia Pope, beyonce is stealing her man

  4. *ring* *ring*….
    Sp1: hello miss pope we need some business settled. Her name is beyonce knowles.
    Olivia Pope: I’ld send my gladiators to get it cleaned up.

    @Anyibaba. I got the call done.

  5. Dunno what beef the French media’s got with Obama, they’ve been hounding and slandering him forever and so it turns out that Beyonce’s getting with Obama? That’s like saying Walter’s getting with Genny! Or yours truly getting with George Clooney. Walter, that will be our dream come true don’t you think? LMAO!

    • Don’t know about you, but me and Genny are happening. Hmmph! (˘˘̯)

    • Yemie you have to start speaking with faith, just like Walter. You have to possess your possession, claim your birth right. Cloony shall be yours

      • And just like Walter, if I have faith larger than a mustard seed and speak it from now till eternity, all na ‘bobo’. Lol!

        But thanks for the advice Archbishop Anyi and boy am I in awe of all your giftings. Check this out: Psychic, Life coach, Cheerleader and now an Archbishop, a Man of many talents. And perhaps there are still more hidden talents waiting to be harnessed. *courtseying*. Wowzer! Thou art an incredible Man, Sir. LMAO!

      • Sis. Yemie dial down the sarcasm, there is no place for that in the house of God. Now come lets start that “Cloony shall be mine” crusade.

        • Hahahahahahaaa!!! You two! Oh the sarcasm! Jeez!

        • *kneeling before thee, Archbishop Anyi, with both my hands clasped together and both eyes closed shut in penance*. Forgive me, Your Grace; please purge me of every sarcastic spirit in my being and my bones, for I truly desire George Clooney in all his hunky, humorous and wealthy glory, Amen. That outta the way, can we please get this crusade started already? Incase you’ve not noticed, I’m not getting any younger! Is that good enough for you ArchB? *straight face*

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