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The world is a tough place to live in. Some days, we have no idea what tomorrow brings. Actually, we never have an idea what tomorrow brings. It’s a pretty scary thought and when you feel all alone, going through a medical condition, one that feels like a time bomb – tick tock, tick tock – the seconds of your life you feel ticking away, it’s really easy to want to give up.

Here is the thing though, some human beings are tough. Akuwa Joy Adejo is tough. She has being battling Liver Failure and Umbilical Hernia since 2014 and she doesn’t want to give in, she wants to live. She wants to be you and me, healthy and happy. She wants to have her kids and watch them grow, she wants to scold them when they are wrong and cry when they make her proud. She is a fighter but she can’t fight all alone, she has been fighting to stay alive for a really long time. A few months to us, but a long time for her.

I attended the same secondary school with Akuwa, we didn’t really have that much fun in school. One hardly gets to have a swell time in a military boarding school, but when we finally passed out, the bond got stronger amongst the entire ‘97 set. As many of us that lost touch, many others reconnected. We have created a bond to help each other weather the storms of life and right now, we are battling a really huge one.Akuwa 2

Ms Akuwa was diagnosed with Umbilical Hernia and Liver failure sometime last year. She requires liver transplant as well as umbilical surgery to correct the swelling. Her brother has agreed to donate a part of his liver; brave as his action might be, I’m afraid that won’t be enough. He’ll have to travel with his sister, accompanied by another relative to act as a caregiver to both siblings as they recuperate from the surgery. Everything then boils down to raising funds.Akuwa 3

The total cost, which includes cost of surgery, travel expenses and accommodation, comes at a total of 55,000 US dollars, and she has till 15th January 2016 to get the surgeries done. The entire ‘97 set of Command Secondary School, Ipaja are working tirelessly to raise the funds. We have gotten far but still have a really long way to go. We have realised we can’t save Akuwa all on our own; we need more hands, more donations, more prayers.

We have set up a gofundme account for her. So please CLICK HERE and donate.

To the less internet savvy, you can send your donations to her account: Akuwa Joy Adejo, 0128095253, Guaranty Trust Bank.

We are working to get her message out there, to get it trending on various social media platforms. We shall be using the hashtag #letssaveakuwa, getting her stories on the air and all over the blogosphere. I shall tweet a link to the donation site and get @Walt_Shakes to retweet. Hopefully you all can retweet, repost and tag a whole lot of people. We plead, I plead for your assistance in saving a friend’s life. With the collective effort, it shall be a possibility. Donate, tweet, Instagram, Facebook, tag, talk about it. Let’s show the better side of humanity.

Thank you.


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  1. get well soon darling Akuwa… God is in control…

  2. May she get well soon. Amen.

  3. You are brave and can fight this. Get well soon dear.

  4. I pray for God’s divine healing on her and hope she gets the money for the surgery on time.

  5. We shall continue to fight d good fight for Akuwa until humanity is victorious.Please I implore everyone to make a donation today.

  6. You are healed my friend, with strength and grace and fortitude we will overcome and rejoice. #letssaveakuwa

  7. Akuwa ure healed by his stripes IJN!..

  8. I’m seeing this post for the first time. Please is there any update on Adejo?

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