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Russia’s Irina Rodnina apologizes for racist Obama tweet, says she was ‘hacked’

53ec17605e132b054b0f6a7067002eaeIrina Rodnina, Russia’s three-time Olympic gold medalist figure skater and torch-bearer who lit the cauldron during the Opening Ceremony in Sochi, has apologized to President Barack Obama after coming under fire for a racist tweet she now says was the result of her account being hacked.

Rodnina, who helped light the cauldron with hockey goalie Vladislav Tretiak on Friday, sparked criticism after the website Deadspin unearthed the 5-month-old tweet, which included the image of a banana superimposed over a picture of the president and first lady Michelle Obama.

Rodnina said she deleted the photo, which she said had been sent to her by friends in the United States, but in another tweet, she defended it. “Freedom of speech is freedom!” she wrote.

On Monday, Rodnina, who won gold medals at the 1972, 1976 and 1980 Olympics, apologized, saying she was the victim of a hacker. See tweets below:Screen

Why do they always fall back on this frankly unbelievable excuse of being hacked after they make mistakes on the social media? #shakingmyhead

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  1. Its easy for them to fall back on that sorry ass of an excuse cos they CAN and its the sleaziest, cheapest and oldest trick in their books, they think none will be the wiser. Except we know better and can see through them. The joke’s on them and we’re the ones laughing at their apparent stupidity and pathetic condescension. She can just shove her ‘apologies’ up her ‘you know where’. Its too late to aplologize now, we can see through you,Irina, all so crystal clearly.

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