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Rihanna Slams Matt Barnes Over Budding Relationship Insinuations

In case you didn’t learn this from her ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ video, you really shouldn’t ever mess with Rihanna.

It’s a lesson NBA star Matt Barnes has learnt the hard way, after his comments about the status of his relationship with RiRi went down decidedly badly with the lovely lady herself.

It began like so many other classic love stories: with TMZ cornering the former Los Angeles Clippers hitman in his downtime Sunday.

Asked if he and Rihanna were dating, Barnes said they were feeling things out.

“Rihanna’s my friend right now so um we’ll see where it goes… I think it just passed the crush stage, a little bit,” Barnes said.

Asked if the two would be strained by distance with Barnes signing on with the Memphis Grizzlies, he said he wasn’t worried. “Nah, she’s rich,” Barnes said. “We’ll be all right.”

Becoming more guarded, Barnes then called rumours of their dating “speculation.” “All that is rumours. All that is speculation,” Barnes said. “We’re friends, and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Unfortunately for Matt, RiRi saw the interview and it’s safe to say she wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.tumblr_nili0vvkpN1qh9nffo1_500

Hinting that the two have never even met (awkward), the pop star shared a screenshot from the interview on her Instagram, captioning it with a bunch of hashtags. One read: “#shesneverevenmetyou,” while another said: “#shesnotthatintoyou.” She finished by hashtagging with: “#defamationofcharacter.”tumblr_inline_nt836obPmI1simekw_500

Reaction to Barnes’ seemingly wishful thinking has been, well, not entirely kind:

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  1. Chimoooo! The public thirst of Rihanna is the beginning of a serious burn!

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