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PSquare’s Peter Okoye speaks on why he signed on a solo endorsement deal without Paul

PSquare’s Peter Okoye recently became the face of Olympic Milk, an endorsement he signed on without his twin Paul, in a move that surprised many, causing some to speculate that a rift could be brewing between the two again.

The solo endorsement is Peter’s first time officially stepping out on his own as ‘Peter Okoye: The Brand.’

In a recent interview with Vanguard, Peter explains to why he chose to go solo with the Olympic Milk endorsement deal. He said: ‘Music is like football. For example, if I play for Barcelona and I get endorsed by Nike, it doesn’t mean the whole Barcelona team has been endorsed. This is about me, and not me and Paul.’Peter-Okoye-P-Square-Olympic-Milk-5

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  1. Congrats Peter, the most charismatic and friendly of the duo, am not surprised! Plus, he’s got a point right there and that explanation kinda cuts it for me, for now! I just hope bigger problems are not brewing in the background, behind the scenes and this isn’t a move to avert whatever’s coming in the not- too- distant future! Fingers crossed!

  2. Hahahahahaha! I just knew staying away was totally off limits for you Anyi! You just cannot help it with all your gimmicks! They give you the highs and kicks abi?! See how wrongly you spelt my name in your haste to torment me, hian! Plus, Peter rocks pieces and am soooooo ‘coooreeizy’ just thinking ’bout him! Scratch that! He gives me the butterflies! There I said! Shoot me! *evil grin*

    And, exactly what part of buzz off don’t you get ei?! The ‘buzz’ or the ‘off’?! Beat it Anyi and stay it too! ROTFLMAO!

    • Yemie come on!! So you don’t realise he was trying to spell your name as Kermit? *sipping my coffee jeje. *changes mind. flees from page

      • Hahahahahaha! Chigurl sweetim, since Kermit’s gained something of an international repute now, other than just being a character in Sesame Street, then; I’ll take it! I’ll bite! LMAO! *smh*

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