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Previously On Facebook II

And so someone came after Pearl Osibu. Lol. Check on it.IMG-20160602-WA039

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  1. Erm, I’m confused

  2. I follow Anyi confuse.

  3. Frustrated people every where

  4. Someone kindly explain the above rant.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      The rant is still going thru the Appropriations Committee. When it’s done,an explanation will come your way. 😀

  5. Thank God I’m not the only one. I feel there is a Genesis of this, at least a story leading to that rant.
    What you did was lift a rant and posted, it’s not different from a lot of hate filled species out there. A story might give it context.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      While we are waiting for the Genesis, the Exodus makes for interesting reading,dont you think? 😀

    • @anyibaba Is it that you don’t think people are capable ofmaking spontaneous homophobic outbursts like this? Especially considering Pearl Osibu is an unapologetic LGBT spokesperson on Facebook…

      • The first point is moot, you know where I stand on the issue. I already mentioned there are a lot of hate filled speeches out there, I was only seeking for the Genesis to this. Something to give this post some weight.

  6. I can’t decide whether she hates homosexuals or just wants her ass licked. Ayam jus so comfuse.

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