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So the results are in. And come today (when this gets posted), Adele should debut at #1 on the Billboard’s Hot 100. Billboard 100 is a compilation of the most played, most streamed, most downloaded, most watched and most bought 100 songs in the United States. It is highly credible and published weekly on Billboard.com (current #1 as at time of writing is The Hills by The Weekend).  Seeing as the States is the biggest music market in the entire planet, every artist dreams to have a Billboard #1 song.

About a week ago, Drake was poised to replace The Weekend at #1 with Hotline Bling, which is a BRILLIANT song by the way; he had everything going, a good song that was getting increasing airplay and a ton of remixes, a catchy video that has now become viral with a gazillion spoofs out each week. He seemed unstoppable, well, until Adele came along. Not only is Adele’s Hello aiming for #1, but it is shattering every single record on its way in the process.

Happy for Adele and all, but it’s a bit unfair to Drake, because he really wanted this and in his own words, finally having a #1 song would “…mean everything”.  Plus it’s quite rare to have a rap song reach #1. Drake almost came close with Best I Ever Had which peaked at #2.

From all indications, Drake will just have to wait this one out or maybe try and snatch the #1 spot from Adele. We shall be watching.

Here are a few popular songs that surprisingly never made it to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100

  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga (Peaked at #2)
  • Torn – Natalia Imbruglia (Wasn’t eligible to chart at the time)
  • Frozen – Madonna (Peaked at #2, blocked by Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On *hiss*)
  • Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye (Peaked at #3)
  • How Do I Live – Lean Rimes (Peaked at #2 for like forever, then gave up)

Will Drake’s Hotline Bling be joining them?

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  1. “Not fair to drake”? Is this a popularity contest? The better side won, simple.

  2. Drake love! Be consoled that Adele can NEVER grow beards as sexy as yours!!
    Plus, I don’t drool while looking at her pix! 😀

  3. Hotline Bling is a good song, but heartbreak would always trump fun. We’re obsessed with pain. And it’s Adele for chrissakes!

  4. Poor Drake, Poor Serena! coming so close and loosing out pathetically!

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