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Police Escort

Detective Amaka kept staring at the expensive necklace on the crying woman’s neck.

Most of its diamonds glittered in the light of the police car, throwing out points of brilliant blue and red when she moved. The stones covered with blood threw back no light.

“He came at me so fast, officer,” the woman said between sobs, leaning on Detective Tayo’s arm. “One minute he was accepting the bottle of water I offered him and the next he was reaching for my throat…”

Amaka watched as Tayo clucked in sympathy and patted the woman’s back. Her partner had always had a weakness for pretty women and the distraught Mrs. Ben-Morris was certainly beautiful. He had let the woman cry all over his uniform and shielded her from the other policemen sneaking glances at the skimpily clad woman. And it was no surprise that they stared, for not much was known about the eccentric Anthony Ben-Morris. Or his wife.

“The house is secure, madam,” Amaka assured the crying woman, pointing towards the brightly-lit mansion on whose lawn they were standing. “Could you come in and walk us through what happened?”

The woman widened her eyes and whipped her head from side to side, pressing closer to Detective Tayo. “No, no…I’m not going in there!”

The detectives exchanged a glance over the woman’s head before Tayo helped her into the back of the car and shut the door gently.

“She won’t be much help tonight anyway,” he muttered as they both moved away from the car. “Pretty little thing but not very bright. It’s a miracle she survived the attack.”

“Damn right it is.” Amaka agreed as two policeman shuffled past, carrying a heavy body bag. “That guy was huge.”

The other detective raised a brow. “You think she’s lying?”

“I don’t know what to believe yet. Check out her story. This guy who attacked her is part of her husband’s security detail, right? He requests for water. She leads him into the kitchen and then he attacks her, hitting her face and choking her but she manages to grab a kitchen knife, sticks it into his neck, then calls us. Seems a bit too ‘action-movie’ for me. And did you notice the amount of jewellery she has on?! Necklace, rings, bracelets?!”

“C’mon Amaka, she’s the wife of a billionaire who deals in jewellery. For all we know she sleeps in those things.”

Their conversation was cut short as a limousine roared through the gates and stopped by them. The back door flew open and the famous Anthony Ben-Morris emerged, looking furious.

“What is this? Who gave you guys permission to enter my house? Are my diamonds safe?”

Detective Tayo raised surprised brows. “Sir, shouldn’t you be more worried about your wife? She’s safe.”

The billionaire stared at them. “What the hell do you mean? I’m not even married! Where’s my security officer?”

Amaka’s eyes widened and she immediately swung around to check the parked police car.

The woman was gone.

Written by Emem Alexandra Akpan-Nya

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Emem Alexandra Akpan-Nya, my reigning queen of thriller.
    I so did not see it ending that way. lol. The woman thoroughly gamed the police.

  2. Pretty little thing huh?
    Now we know what pretty little things can do.

  3. badass heist! fooled everyone. .I hope this is the beginning of an intriguing series

  4. More please

  5. This is crazy. Sharp gal.

  6. well……u got it right…didn’t see ds coming

  7. Huh, did not see that coming

  8. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Reminds me of a Sidney Sheldon I read way back in secondary school. Nice piece ?

  9. jesu Kristi! The ending blew me away. Emem is good, very, very good.

  10. Whooaaaaaa!!! That’s some serious gaming shiii. Did not see that one coming. Brilliant story. We want more biko

  11. After reading stories like this,you cannot but exclaim with your eyes wide open..Keep it coming

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