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It was the year 2051.

People started falling from the sky.

Kambili was petrified.

Have you ever seen a body fall? From any height – 100 feet?

Chisos! That is somewhere between 9 and 10 stories.

What you would see is mostly a gross distortion of features – eyeballs bulging or protruding, skin split, and well, various liquids might explode out of organs like squished grape, and the cerebro-spinal fluid would mix with gray matter and blood. The colour is probably not what you would imagine.

The legs would be broken in a compound manner. Kneecaps exploded, femurs snapped and probably protruding. If the person was overweight, the hip joints may dislocate grotesquely before the lower legs break entirely, something like a twisted-up Barbie. The pelvis may be shattered, lower intestines likely spilled.

A fat, light skinned person might hit the ground like a bag of wet cement, and the bones would break, but they might not be obvious since they’re not moving. They would look very grey almost immediately and their underside would look purplish-red after a while. The skin would look pretty unsettling – translucent, like wax.

You, my dear friend, will probably notice at least one other thing: dead eyes are really upsetting to look at; there’s nothing there, there’s no one home. It’s like the lights have gone out.

Kambili was terrified. She had never seen anything like this. The bodies were always naked, never clothed. And they always had hideous grins on their faces.

It had been just a few at first, but then hundreds and thousands would fall at a time, smashing houses, vehicles and blocking off highways.

Weird discoveries were made when the government looked into the matter; these things were human and they all held rosaries in their hands. No one could explain the grim grins they had on, or even where they came from.

It was one elderly welder in Ibadan who made the first, most disturbing discovery. He recognised one of the fallen bodies as a cousin, who died back when he had been a teenager.

Then more and more identifications were made. Soon, people were picking out their long-dead loved ones amongst the video feeds, cadaver piles, and expressways. No one could explain why they were coming back, falling from the sky.

Even more distressing was that after getting rid of the bodies, it wouldn’t be long before that same body came hurtling down from the sky again. You could not dispose of them, no matter what. People were getting squashed by the higher volume of plummeting bodies, and soon after burial, they too, began to fall.

Kambili’s mother was killed when a body landed on her Toyota. It crushed her. The next week, the news reported that a body had gotten lodged in an aeroplane windshield. She saw her mother’s grinning face, the happiest she had ever seen her.

They say, when hell is full, the dead shall walk the earth. We call them Zom-bies.

What about heaven? Let’s call them Para-dies.

Written by Johannu Afere

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. This story is just a few shades of spooky. Eish! Never mind that the bodies are falling from heaven and not stalking the living like zombies. It’s still — SPOOKY!

  2. wow this is niary (Nice + scary). Bag of wet cement lol omg…. Omg this gave me goose bumps.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Imagine that as a reality. Lol. Men of God will be sure to mount the podium and preach vigorously the end times for sure.

  3. Nice one, John Afere!

  4. Paradies! Lol. Johannu is a professional scarecrow mehnnn, great work. Imagine though if this were real …

  5. Amazing, really good.

  6. lol…better horror movie. i watch horror movies behind the curtain. i read this with my eyes closed. Okwa falling from the sky? O di nma dikwa egwu.

  7. Paradies. Nice coinage..

  8. Goodness me! what on earth brings these thoughts to your head?

  9. dafuq? O.o

  10. Yikesss!Mommy m meeeeeeeee!
    What is this naaa?
    You pipu shud stp playing rough play wt somebody oo

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