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“You Have Decided To Make Yourself A Tool In The Devils Hands.” Nollywood actor Williams Uche Mbah lashes out at instablog9ja for posting gay photos

These ignorant actors that suddenly want to gain more fame for themselves by riding the internet homophobia bandwagon sha…

Anyway, apparently he’s a child actor who has grown up to be an adult actor who condemns blogs for furthering the evil gay agenda in Nigeria. Instablog9ja posted a pic of two gay lovers a couple of days ago which they captioned: “Man causes stir on Facebook with loved up pictures of himself and his bae. The man sent tongues wagging, after updating his friends on how he spent his day. He wrote: “Had a good day with bae yesterday…… spend the whole day together….. really enjoyed it…. bae told me to put the pic back up……lol.”

Predictably, the photo caused quite the firestorm and right in the center, bristling with righteous indignation for the lost souls of Nigerian youths, was our beloved actor, Williams, lashing out at the blog for posting pictures that potentially damages the youths of this great righteous country.

Check his rant below.

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Since nobody wants to address it or call them to order i will… @instablog9ja you have decided to make yourself a tool in the Devils hands and have decided to use your social media platform to decay the society thinking that your trending …I don't understand why you would think it's fun or trending to put up pictures or two men making out and thinking it's news or normal when you know that there are a lot of children following you and you think it's fun to danm their souls???..what are you trying to promote?? why are you trying to achieve?? This country is still a God fearing control and we have to control the kind of content we take in…and I want you to know that if you don't stop this madness you will judged immensely in this life and after…

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  1. i dont even know where to start from..its just too early for this. Havnt even had my kwayet time.

  2. “…this country is still a God fearing country…”?
    Eziokwu?!! Youdonminit! I guess we are where we are because of all the God(s) that we are fearing.
    Inasmuch as a picture of two men kissing in the PRIVACY of their house ISN’T NEWS (He should really try to emphasize that, just in case of next time), he should save his rant and accent for people who need it.

    Decay the society kor. Decay the economy ni.

  3. Your yeye is smelling big time, Williams Uche-Mbah. When you stand on your podium to castigate gay people while there are receipts with your name on it lying about, then you sure as hell are stinking up the place.

  4. Eeya! Maybe Tchidi Chikere will see him and recommend him for a movie. It haff tey and he haf broke!!

    Bro, I get your ‘notice-me’ move jare!!

    #ontothenextone #shior

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