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Nigerian Celebrities Recreate The Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

Remember the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie with Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and a host of other celebs at the 2014 Academy Awards, that selfie was retweeted over 2 million times making it the most retweeted tweet of all time…

Well, now our very own celebs Banky W, Joselyn Dumas and Kate Henshaw have recreated the famous selfie. The selfie was taken at the launch of the Samsung S5 in Lagos a couple of days ago.


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  1. Maah hear say they get 50 re-tweets. 😀

  2. Am I d only one dat tinks d pic look stupid.. Y naija no go ever dey original.. Here’s an advice for u Banky.. No one loves dat cap of urs, leave it for who it fits best ne yo.. Copy cat

  3. And who are the white people? What’s their celebrity status?

  4. Wow… Finally they did it…. Wonder what took them so long… MtschewW… Copy cats… On a lighter note, Kate Henshaw is fine tho…..

  5. Their own is not fine jor…mchwww,nonsense!! Dumb copycats

  6. Mtchewwwww

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