A Happy New Year to the whole family. That’s how I view the MyMindSnaps readers – a family. I like to view myself as the president of the MMS superfan club, just like the Beyhive, we’re quite loyal. I for one am really grateful for the role this blog played in my life throughout the past year; the stories were entertaining and beautifully penned.

Last year saw the birth of a lot of stories. We got new writers and we couldn’t be happier. This place has become a haven for good stories, a place you’re guaranteed to always give a return visit to. It’s a place that has become a community of great writers and the thousands of fans that read their stories.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of Eze Goes To School fans who kept calling for Eze to return. Surely, the guy and his lads couldn’t have just passed out without a proper ceremony. You guys spoke and Walter heard your screams, pleas, and cowered to your threats of physical harm. Last year marked the return of Eze and his cronies. Hopefully, this would be the year he snags Anulika.

Chika has kept us laughing with his Humour Column. We’ve read, smiled, laughed out loud at the many satirical pieces he’s penned, even when he made caricature of our country, our presidents past and present, our elections and the lawmakers who rigged won. We forget our reality once every week and allowed ourselves be led into the satiric world he creates. Dànké Chika, Dànké. In this New Year, you’ll add another humour bone. Oya say Amen.

The B.O. Okoji Experiences was almost forgotten by me, until he returned with a bang to remind me why he is the Oga law. After showing Chief shege, I do hope he shall return in this new year to give alhaji a legal waka.

We can’t forget Adaku and her legion of frenemies; how these Housewives keep keeping us entertained is a testament to the power of a good story that’s got very relatable characters. I for one can’t wait to see where the story goes for these ladies. I got my eyes on you Leticia. I got my eyes on you.

Onuora finally blessed us with his customer-centric stories. After years and years and centuries of planning, Walter finally got him to tell us what it’s like to design a new, beautiful, adorable, and fantastic logo from scratch. All for just 1000 naira! Ain’t these customers wonderful? The Matrix Without Loading is our Saturday delight and his interactions with his customers leaves us silently praying he keeps getting those kind of customers. After all, where will the stories come from if they stop coming.

I read my first Pidgin English story right here and for an ajebutter like me, e been get as e be. How Abako come dey sweet me na wetin I no come fit arrange my brain to understand, but the thing eh, e just dey totori my body dey go. I troway salute to the better pikin wey write the tori. As we don enter New Year, ya mama breast no go fall.

Criminally Insane is another truly ingenious piece. I don’t even know if I’ll call it a medical advice column, for the author knows how to dispense her pearls of advice with a big slap on the wrist. It’s like a series written by a school teacher, doctor, lawyer, accountant, mortician, pathologist, and a housewife all rolled in one. As we step into this New Year, I’ll give her the advice she has given us all. Nne, receive sense to continue what you’re doing, ya gazie.

I also started a new series last year, one inspired by my relationship with my son. I took you all on a journey on what it feels like to be a new father, albeit on the lighter side. What started as just one piece, has led to more episodes. In this New Year, I hope the stories will be more frequent. But then again, it all depends on the young lad.

Just as we had many new entries this year, we’re still entertained with the classics. Walter’s interaction with Lagos leads to a entertaining dairy, Eketi Ette’s opinion is still worthy of reading, and those people for her compound never get any recent matter to talk about?

It’s been an amazing past year for MMS and I pray it shall be an even greater year. To Walter and the various contributors, may your ink never run dry. Your imaginations shall always remain fertile and your personal experiences, entertaining.

Happy New Year, MyMindSnaps family, may our minds keep snapping!

Written by Anyibaba

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. To all those who have entertained us here on MMS, I thank you.
    Anyibaba of Daddy Diaries (tell your pikin to better start acting up, we need more of his drama)
    Adaku of The Housewives Tale (this year, may Leticia and all other unforeseen ghen-ghen give you more wahala for you to write about)
    Chika of Humour Column (it is still debatable whether you are male or female, but it is NOT debatable the power of your special brand of satire. Keep keeping on)
    Onuora of Matrix Without Loading (as long as two or three customers are gathered, may their wahala be your story to tell us)
    Tobe of Tobe Writes (more grease to your elbow and fire to your intellect, so we shall be educated more by the things you have to say)
    Nene Ezike of Criminally Insane (Madam Warden of the Psych Ward, abeg give us more wisdom this year, and when we don’t behave, send a straitjacket after offenders)
    Eketi Ette of In Her Opinion (and erm, Compound Matters, that compound has gone way too silent o, madam)
    Sifa of My Bible Story (you gave the Bible stories a very magical touch. We pray to see more of that this year)
    Chrome 0of CSI 9ja (Seriously dude, has that criminal department led by Det. Chrome not got any other cases to tackle yet?)
    Her Honour of As The Court Pleases (I object to this series dying, and may my objection be sustained this year IJN)
    Yvonne of Ladies First (Omotu is a beloved character, can we have more of her special brand of craziness this year? Tenku)
    Chisom from Words Are Work (may we see more collabos between you and Walter this year)
    Kingsley Okechukwu of Corpers’ Lodge (I was hoping we would see Kings carry on his beautiful journey as a job seeker)
    Oga Law of BO Okoji Experiences (may there be more power to the way you wield the law in this treacherous country IJN)
    And ultimately to Walter of all other series and the general overseer of MMS (More POWER to you! This year will be a testament to your dedication to delight us with stories)
    Thank you, guys. Thank you all very much!
    And a Happy new year to all these eminent storytellers who have made 2015 memorable. Let us dive into 2016 without further ado and make it even better. 😀

    • Lol…you vex o.

      Happy New year MMS. Happy new year Walter.

      …and thank you all for being a beautiful part of my 2015.

  2. Thanks to our dear readers. My favorite commenter, I love you all so much. May we have a bright year.

  3. Thank you to everyone at My Mind Snaps! From the very first day I came here, I never really left. Happy New Year to all of us.

  4. Happy New year to this awesome family

  5. Thank you Sir Walt and all the MMS crew for making me smile in 2015. May we always find a reason to smile this year. God bless us all. Happy new year!

  6. Happy 20sweet16 MMS Fam……I will always refer to EGTS cuz without it I wouldn’t have found MMs….thank you walter cz through you,i have met a lot of wonderful people who have influenced me one way or the other…..God bless you richly

  7. Thank You, Anyi and fam!!! 2016 will be better ni o!!! Amen!! *Off to the Psych ward to grab more sickos…

  8. Happy new year MMS family. I had a great 2015 with you by my side. Cheers to a better 2016.

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