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Much Ado About The Queen Of Nollywood

Originally published on tns.ng

It is globally accepted that Genevieve Nnaji is the queen of Nollywood. This has nothing to do with Genevieve’s talent or technique as an actress. For talent, skills, technique and consistent quality delivery, Mercy Johnson is currently nobody’s mate in Nollywood. Genevieve may be Mercy’s mentor but where acting is concerned, Mercy will scrub many grounds with all of Genevieve, many times over.

But Genevieve is still the queen of Nollywood. And nobody can say why.

Until she did Road to Yesterday recently, many people couldn’t remember the last time they saw Genevieve on screen, outside Amstel Malta and Etisalat adverts. Acting was no longer the hustle, so she moved on to producing. And, with the many negative reviews the film has gathered, how’s that going, Gene baby?

But at least, many men still lust after Genevieve. And some women, if reports reaching TNS are to be believed. It’s that X-factor thing she has in abundance, isn’t it? Or her juju is just still on point from her babalawo who must be on retainership.

Omotola‘s case is pretty different. She hasn’t done anything worthwhile as per acting since Iyabo Ojo started bleaching. After Ije, what has Omosexy done? Okay, she tried to do that reality show thing with M-Net and we all know how that went. And she keeps threatening to do music again, but thanks to the gods for making sure that does not happen. This country will not survive another Omotola album.

So, beyond taking care of her 50 children and marrying Mr. Ekheinde, what else does Omotola do these days?

Omoni Oboli on the other hand seems to be doing everything. After what detractors refer to as a breastigous presentation of her film to former president Jonathan in Aso Rock, Omoni now runs a production outfit, leasing equipment and producing quality content. She produced The First Lady which is said to be one of the top Nollywood films of 2015, even if, like other cinema films, it only sold 114 tickets at the cinema, or something like that. She has also been in Fifty and some other films.

By all measure, Omoni is now second to Genevieve in the hierarchy of Nollywood screen goddesses, although lusting after her has been reportedly pretty difficult for many guys, seeing as she has all those kids and a husband that’s always following her around.

So, there you have it; the line-up of Nollywood screen goddesses: Genevieve, Omoni and then Omotola, in that strict order.

This should last as long as Mercy Johnson keeps borning a pikin every year as if God is soon going to ban childbearing. The day she decides to face acting fully again and also be bae, Genevieve, Omoni and Omotola may as well pack it in. Mercy is nobody’s mother’s mate.


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  1. ‘…beyond taking care of her fifty children and marrying Mr. Ekheinde…’ ???????? This writer is just mean.

  2. I’m sorry, but there’s no truth in the first paragraph. At all. Mercy Johnson’s acting borders on the theatrical. No way she’s a better movie actress than Genevieve.

    But then Nollywood acting has always been a bit too theatrical, so I get where the writer is coming from.

  3. Franklyne Ikediasor

    Lol I love Genny; for her star quality not for her acting. Don’t get me started on the movie Fifty after I wasted precious data to stream it on Netflix, the plot fell flat and I haven’t seen anything faker than Dakore Egbuson playing a spoilt rich kid.

    Genny is still the queen tho, but when it comes to talent? I’m torn between Bimbo Akintola (where is she these days) and Nse Ikpe-Itim

    • So much bad reviews about Fifty. And Dakore Egbuson’s role in it. To think I came this close to seeing it at the cinema.
      And yes, I agree. Nse is just a gem in acting. Abeg way better than Mercy.

    • So, we have Nigerians with eyes for talent. Nse Ikpe-Itim is bae.

  4. This was clearly written by a Mercy Johnson fan. Her a ting is not better than that of Genny, she is good, I’ll give her that but somehow high brow star quality seems to elude her. I believe she should start getting roles in quality movies, not quantity. Other well established actresses have moved to that level, she should to.

    I do agree with franklyne about Bimbo, that woman can act. I still remember that old movie she starred in with RMD, the one she was his mistress. Such memorable performance, still sticks in my memory many years after. I think she has moved more into yoruba movies territory.

  5. This writer couldn’t have said it any better! Mercy slays anytime.
    Theatrical or not, she has the raw talent of executing any character thrown in her face. Can’t say same for Genny or Omoni…pls who’s that again?

  6. Why I started reading this, I wasn’t expecting truth.
    Alas, truth is what I got.

    Mercy is so versatile, it’s nearly unbelievable. I love Genny, but she stopped being Queen a long time ago. Omotola….who’s that?

    Nse Ikpe-Etim is Queen.

  7. All these fifu rooting for Genevieve…. To be honest, Genny is too stiff in her acting. There’s this thing…like she’s not giving her everything… for reasons best known to her. Now Johnson and Nse? THAT, my friends, is raw talent. They really get into their characters. Maybe people see Genny as queen because she’s got sex appeal…this ‘touch-not’ stance. People fall for that sha. But when it comes to acting, she lacks passion. Really read her body language when she’s acting, say, a love scene. It’s so fake!

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