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Much Ado About Adele

Most of you have probably heard about the new Adele song, (if you haven’t, what planet do you live on again?), and hopefully before this post is published, the buzz would have long died down and our tits long calmed. With that, let’s critically analyze this song. I think with excitement, one tends to lose a lot of rationality and reasoning.

The single is called Hello and in true Adele fashion, it is a ballad about an ex or a long lost love. Now Adele’s vocals are strong in this one much stronger than they were in 21, but I can’t help but feel that they’ve been “tweaked” a bit. The great thing about 21 is that her vocals were organic, you could hear every strain and every crack, but with Hello, she sounds a tad too studio perfect. Her voice lacks the vulnerability that was relatable in 21; or maybe it’s just me.

Hello follows the same format as with most ballads; start off slow, build up to a progressive hook, and then climax into a thunderous chorus. So it’s pretty much nothing ground-breaking. Adele plays the fiddle well, a little too well for my liking, and it comes across as playing safe. She’s not breaking any boundaries here, and delving into new genres. She’s still sticking to being same ol’ Adele. Some might like it, and some like me are indifferent about it. But apparently it is working, as the song has topped the iTunes chart in 88 countries (and counting), and is looking to debut high on Billboard’s Hot 100.

At the end of the day, is Hello a good song? Yes it is. But it’s typical Adele and seems like a continuation of Someone Like You. Hopefully, 25 come November 20th will be more eclectic.

Verdict: 3 stars!

Written by Chizzie

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  1. Lemme jus comment my reserve until 25 comes out. Then I’ll talk!

  2. Oh well, na Walter drag me go play am oh. 3 stars, fair enough

  3. Thought it was only me that had the tweaky Feeling. Let me just wait sha

  4. Maybe it’s just Adele being Adele.
    How about that?

  5. Mbok. the song try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!!! You don’t just walk into a studio and let loose those lyrics. Mbanu!!! Listen to that song again.

  6. Still it beats an all time record of being the song with over 1million views in 24 hrs. Surpassing Taylor Swift’s record?

  7. Well. Not everybody has to like something

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