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Mind Loose

Emma no gree lie down, the chair wen e sit no dey comfortable enof for am to sit tokless of lie down. As my guy sidown, he no balance, and e back don dey pain am. Day don dey dark wella and the compound wen e dey no dey help matters.

Past 9pm and Archibong neva return from where he go, Emma no dey sure weda e go come back again and him don dey taya to dey wait. D place get as e be and e no go fit pass d night for outside for this kind area, e too risky for am.

Na common knowledge say on Tuesdays na Victor own. Na d day wen e babe dey come visit and pass the night, and as roommates wen soji, Emma and Victor don arrange timetable wen go benefit dem both. Emma get on Mondays and Victor get on Tuesdays. Dat na why Emma leave d comfort of e crib dis very blessed day come show Archibong side to pass d night.

Emma no fit utilize e Monday, e babe no gree show, dis na d second time in a row she dey post am like Nipost. So dis week own come pain am pass d normal inconvenience wen e dey normally get on Tuesdays, plus Archibong no come gree show face. E kak for chair dey reason d matter, wetin e go do. Archibong no dey gree pick call and na d last bar for e fone battery remain.

Emma no come dey comfortable again, e don begin hiss up and down like snake wen get belle and e eyes no good for head again.

“At least if say dis mumu pick call, give me understanding say e no go show face or travel, I for know,” Emma begin yarn give himsef. “Na me fuck up, I for call am before I move. Choi!”

As e dey reason am, naim e hear one funny sound, dis no be d first time e dey hear dis kind sound dis night. In fact, na d fourth time. My guy rush stand up, e eyes begin shine like aboki torchlight, e waka near where e dey hear d sound and for d fourth time dat night, e no gree see anything. One kind funny sweat come begin worry am, na only him dey d compound and 10pm go soon sharp.

As e dey waka go back to where e sit down before, e fone wen e take do torchlight come quench, d battery don flat finally. That one even increase d sweat wen dey worry am, e rush dey waka come out wen e leg match one kind funny thing. D thing soft one kind and e dey shake one kind. Everywhere dark and Emma no dey see wetin e match. Instantly, naim e remove leg take off like rat wey see pussycat. E no know wetin e b, but e mind tell am say na snake. All these assumptions na outside gate e go dey reason dem. E mind no carry am again naim e decide to go back him house.

At least Victor go understand, na e real guy and dem don dey togeda for over ten years now. Highest e go sleep for Matilda room wen dey opposite, d babe na soji babe, she no go hard to break words with. Emma mind no hard am to make up and only him dey waka for street for night. Luck wen e get be say bus and bike dey run dia area 2-4-7. E no waka long before e see bike wen carry am enter crib.

As Emma dey come house, e dey pray make e meet Matilda for house, dat one go save d many-many talk and gist until  Victor finish with him whosh. As if God dey hear sinner Emma prayer, na Matilda e meet as e open their compound gate.

“Eh… Mati baby! See as u kpokish dis night! What’s d levo na??” Emma dey give am smile but na Emma teeth wen break for side Matilda dey always look.

“Hol am joor! No just washie me, u hear? Na now u see am abi?” D eye wen she eye Emma fit remove hair from e head. “U and ur babe dey since dey soft for inside, na now u see me.”

“Haba na! Na now I dey enter house o! Where u see me?” Emma begin laff as e dey yarn.

“Ahn-ahn, Emma! No come lie give ur real paddy o! No be ur babe I see now with towel? Abi u wan change am?”

As e hear ‘ur babe’, d rest thing wen Matilda dey yarn no enter e ears again. Na so e rush with speed enter e room, e no even knock. Wetin e see weak am. E babe just sit down for bed with small towel for her waist, she sef no believe wetin she see. Victor cover e face with e hand. Emma put hands for head, e too weak to talk tokless of to act. Na so tears begin roll down from e eyes like tap wen dem open. Dat na d first time wen Emma cry for ages. E real guy dey run him babe for e back.

Written by Chuky one’pilla, tweets @Chuky1pilla

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Dis one bad o! Wetin d guy go come do so? Chai!!! Diariss God o.

  2. Na so chukky dey always do,go dey write half half story wen short and no end. I no read agn jor!!!!

  3. *rotfl* I’ve never read a post written from top to bottom in pidgin,wow!!! Lovely piece, but why Victor go dey run Emma babe now?As @Maryann said “Diariz Gawd oh!!!

  4. Ahnahn!! Wetin Emma wan come do?? See heartbreak… and na im guy oo.. na that one make am bad pass.. a yaaa

  5. Victor fail regardless..y e go discharge e guy to lash e guy babe? Lol

  6. Choi Victor na just badt guy e just dey run e guy babe steady, poor poor Emma.

  7. Eebaabo! Shege danbanza! Dis one na double wahala for deadi bodi! Dat guy go jus weak! As e be so, e don be! Abi na how e for do again nah?! Na to cash in on hin chips and move right ahead, nothing dey happen! LOOL.

    Nice attempt at writing in pidgin, do more! Kudos, your head dey there DIE! LOL

  8. Choi!!!! I no knw weda to laf or cry.
    But sadly, some weak guys still dey do dis kain tin.
    Chuky u try. Dis na one of d best wey u don write. E get everytin

  9. Lol…
    Took me ages to read this… The pidgin scared me off at first…

    The message though.. Sad thing.. Guys running the P of their pal’s babe or Ex… Happened to me twice… I can feel Emma’s pain

  10. D story dey sharp wella.
    Fine one!

  11. Well, the babe na whosh sha! Na her we go blame sef, no be Victor.. Precise and real piece!!!

  12. Y una dey talk lyk dis na? Emma babe na Victor church member and she cum do nite vigil. Dress code na towel and boxers. Abi mak dem no pray again? Na wa o…

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Hahahahahahaa!!! why them no invite Emma make he fellow them pray nah? Abi, him own no good to pray give God?

  13. My heart weakens and melts like a candle over flame; impales me like fork does dodo. Cruel. Totally betraying!

    Ow pesin friend and chikala go dey “methus” dat kin’ way insyd pesin room, on pesin’s unmatrimonial bed? Clad in towel you wrote ehkwa? Chai! Cheeesux!

    This life ehn. . . one big pot of nonsense watery beans you’ll be surprised to find your friend stirring. *sighs*

    He’s got options: he could take heart (whatever that means), leave matter for God; shoot/flog/curse—a combo of any two or all three perhaps—the scantily dressed bast*rds (if they die remember I only “suggested”); pursue the betrayer’s babe and erm, er. . . let’s leave it that way; or any other thing that comes to mind. Mind him, it must be bad.

    Again, I only suggested.

    Nice read! You tok am well.

    • are you sure victor has a babe? maybe it’s Emma’s babe that comes on Mondays that also comes on Tuesday when Emma is not around…

  14. wow, dats some crazy shit. nice write up. hehehehehehehe, mehn frds are evil o. my chic wan spoil my own relationship n she get her own o. pls help me ask her if she wan marry two guys.

  15. Na wa oh.Friends for over 10years and Victor still got the mind to do this to Emma. *sighs*.
    Betrayal of trust. If na me(i pray make e no happen to me)Only God know wetin i go do,cos me i no fit stand there dey cry o.
    For this kain matter,i no fit act gentleman at all!

  16. firstlady Temidayo

    Its d babe that I blame as me sef be babe. Emma no vex, na God push d secret out… Buh Victor fuck up ooo…. Anyway sha d writer try ooo leaving us 2 figure out d rest ourselves. Once again, walter… Thanks for posting dis

  17. Tall of back stabbing, eh?

  18. see betrayal..
    the pidgin thing was good too…was a bit muddled up at some point sha..

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