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‘My name is Sol. No, it isn’t short for Solomon, because first of all, I’m a girl. I don’t think there are many girls called Solomon.

‘My father was a very whimsical man, and my mother too, often had flights of whimsy. He decided to call me Sol, because it was the Spanish word for Sun, and he claimed that my birth brought sunshine into his life. I doubt he felt very sunny when I sank my teeth into his neck and drained his body of every litre of blood my parched tongue could find. It wasn’t my fault. I was thirsty, and I was newly turned. I had no control over my actions.

‘I still find it hard to believe that I’m a vampire. Such things should only exist in fiction, right? Apparently, that’s not the case. We exist very much in reality, and we are everywhere. OK, not everywhere, but mostly in populated cities – New York, LA, Tokyo, Cairo, Johannesburg, Lagos…

‘Lagos. The city of my birth, or rather, births. My human life began in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1992, to a somewhat average income family in Isolo. My father was an accountant and a self-acclaimed poet while my mother ran her own business and was working on a novel that she could never quite finish. She never got to finish it, and it’s my fault.

‘My undead life began on the 16th of September 2012. I was young, nubile, beautiful, and ecstatic because I had just completed my project defence; the last thing I needed to do before I could be officially called a graduate. Well, the results of my final exams had to come out first, as well as the project defence results, but hey, optimism. Me and some friends of mine decided to hit the town to celebrate. It was that night, in the dim smoky mystery of that club on the island, that I met him; Kent. My maker, my trainer, my first undead lover.

‘I cannot say I regret being a vampire, but I cannot say it’s an existence I would have chosen for myself either, if I could have. Sure, immortality has its perks; never aging, always in good health, no danger from mortal wounds, etcetera, not to mention the fact that you become five times more attractive than you were as a human, plus super strength, the ability to move miles in seconds, and the ability to control human minds. But living forever gets boring really quickly. I mean, it’s been 98 years already since that night on the island and I’m already like ‘When will it end?’”

‘Plus, I miss the sun. The fact that I can’t go out in the sun when I want really makes my name a huge joke.

‘You really should staunch that bleeding in your arm, my good man. It’s getting distracting now. I do feed on blood, you know. You’re lucky I have acquired a lot more self control since my turning, else I’d have bled you dry in seconds.

‘Oh come on, you’re still trying to reach for that crossbow? Haven’t you realized you have no hope of defeating me, and a VERY slim chance of leaving here alive?

‘You know what? I’ll just leave now. I do not want to hurt you. You know why? Because your great-grandfather was my little brother. The night I murdered my family, I also fed on him. But I didn’t kill him. Somehow, I regained control of myself before I could completely drain him. Now you know how your family tradition of vampire slaying got started.

‘Well then, Ciao, my little descendant. Do take care of yourself, and try and pursue a less dangerous career. Give this advice to the rest of your family and friends as well. You humans are really no match for us…’

Written by Daniel Iwuchukwu, tweets @danonles91 and blogs at octooctopus.wordpress.com

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. OK, that was confusing and quite abrupt.

  2. A vampire’s monlogue, ei? Not bad.

  3. well… an ambitious effort. kudos

  4. Hmmmmm!!!! Vampire series. *dancing etighi*

  5. Not bad at all.

  6. ‘Cooreepie’! Vamps in Lasgidi?! I better ‘gidi up’ and watch my back! I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over myself, my blood is bitter Sol, so back the ‘hell’ up; literally! Hell beckons! *laughing*

    This is nice and the narrator comes across as very sarcastic, somewhat delighting in having wiped out her family! She’d have it no other way, am guessing! Even the so-called undead and immortal, must feast on blood to stay ‘alive’?! Isn’t that a little puzzling though?! What’s the worst that could happen to a vamp, who’s denied his daily dosage of human blood?! Will he die again?! Twisted! *shrugs* LOL

    I love this! Kudos Daniel and thanks Walter for sharing! LOL

  7. Wowwwwww.Vampire series! Walt for.president…lolz more plzzzz

  8. Isn’t “Midnight Sun” the title of Edward’s version of Twilight? Yes it is. Nice story though, I hope it’s series.

  9. Nice story but really abrupt. I like vampire story , “story o” not reality & definetily not in lagos or nigeria abi Africa for that matter.

  10. Niceeeeeee!

  11. Going through the first two paragraphs without scrolling down,i came to conclusion that this story was another disturbia penned by Miguel Chude.
    I was wrong.
    Nice one Danny Iwuchukwu.More of this please.

    Next time make the scene more gory,scaring and grisly.

    Abeg o,no more Lasgidi settings o.

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