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Mercy Johnson – “Why I Boarded The Train With ‘Ordinary People’ On March 2”

The following is an article written by actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie.


My picture and that of my daughter, Purity in a Lagos train has surfaced online and quite a number of people have asked me what I was doing in a train and in Lagos for that matter; not Paris or London.

I was around Iddo at Ebute Metta when my Range Rover developed a mechanical fault and I had to make a very important appointment in Ikeja, regardless of the usual traffic congestion in Lagos. Luckily, a member of my management team was around, he suggested a train ride and we were in Ikeja in less than 30 minutes. But that is not the crux of this statement.Screenshot - 3_5_2015 , 2_16_31 AM

Like I mentioned earlier, I have had to answer questions in private and public as to why I would board a train because trains in Nigeria are considered a means of transportation for the ordinary and not-so-rich people. A friend called and said I just devalued my brand by being on the train with ordinary people.  I couldn’t help but laugh. Are we extraordinary people because we are celebrities?

In as much as I understand the concept of branding, packaging and exclusiveness, I will never trade the experience to sit, interact and feel the pulse of so-called ordinary people.

By the way, I am part of the ordinary people. I grew up as an ordinary person among ordinary people. Why would I avoid them now? Would that be because I am now famous? Without these ordinary people, how would I have been famous in the first place?  Without the so-called ordinary people, where would Nigeria’s growing population of so-called well packaged celebrities be today?

For the purpose of clarification, I was not on that train due to lack of money to get a well packaged cab or to get somebody to bring another car from the house, but my car developed an unforeseen fault and I needed a fast, reliable and convenient alternative immediately, as there was urgent business to be attended to and I respect time a lot.

The train was available where I was; most importantly, I did not want to turn down the opportunity to be with the people who would ordinarily not have access to me. So I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and here we are.

I want to thank my co-passengers, officials of the train for treating me with absolute respect and courtesy, I am indeed very grateful.

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  1. Nothing wrong in this.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      The title is deceptive. It gets you riled. Makes you think she has something condescending to say. But in actual fact, she passed across a very sweet, humble message.

      • Yeah, true. I was riled by the title, but I guess it makes you want to read what she actually said. Good message from her tho *kudos*

  2. Lkahsdfetruoag hdgdterfouity

    That’s all I have to say. Thanks.

  3. I would bet my non-existent salary that she made up this stuff up about people calling her and friends saying what not. If she’s as humble and sweet as she’s trying to make us believe, she won’t be friends with such people.
    That she made this an issue is testament to her upbringing and ghetto mentality. The bits about the “Range Rover” and “getting another car from the house” just irritated the hell out of me.
    This is self-serving and pretentious!

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! You mean in the ‘oh I’m fabulous and rich, but every now and then, I still mingle with all ye common folks’ sort of way?

  4. She could’ve just said “my car” developed a fault.. The just had to rub the range in(so we ll know she’s not poor). We know ure not poor honey..

    Half decent humble message though..

  5. I find this half hearted and pretentious. Nne if your plane broke down and you rode a bicycle, that should be it. There really should be no need of an epistle explaining why, even if you’re “pressured” to give a reply.
    I did find the headline misleading at first but after reading this, it’s kinda apt. Humility never speaks, it just acts.

  6. Lol. @ Dozie, I couldn’t have said it better. Dis babe is just seeking attention. Range rover ko, trailer ni.

  7. Utter rubbish,wad is she tryna portray wt dis whole cock and chicken story naw?

  8. Media!

    You read the title one thing, you read the news absolutely another thing.

    My dear, if you have to telephoto and be where you want to be, please feel free. A lot of people do that at night and there is nothing wrong with that.

    And as a side mention…..what is ordinary and what is extraordinary? In my humble opinion as long as extraordinary is concerned with humanity, you ate wither referring to Cobhams Asuquo’s ordinary people termed extraordinary which I 1000% agree with him or you are a superman, witch, sorcerer etc.

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