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Love You, Mom: A celebration of celebs and their No. 1 fans

“My mother sold akara to train me and I am a millionaire today.” These are the words of movie star and Nollywood veteran, Emeka Ike. They are golden and correctly sum up the beauty of a mother. We all love our mums, even the celebrities amongst us. And here are a few of them who make it public their attachment to their mothers.

Beyoncé and Tinamum 1Beyoncé walks the designer catwalk with her mother, Tina. Not only do they share a clothing line, but there’s names are connected. Beyoncé comes from her mom’s maiden name, Beyincé.

Charlize and Gerdamum 2Apparently it’s mom who knows best. When Charlize Theron was 18, her mother, Gerda, sent her from South Africa to Los Angeles to pursue a movie career. Way to go, Mom!

Kate and Goldiemum 3The famously close mom-daughter celeb duo Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn always keep it casual. Kate has said that Goldie is “the woman that I’ve learned the most from, and who I look up to.”

Jessica and Tinamum 4Ready-to-burst Jessica Simpson and mom Tina served as each other’s escorts before she gave birth to Maxwell Drew. Maxwell made Tina a grandmother twice over—her younger daughter Ashlee gave birth to Bronx Mowgli Wentz in 2008.

Brad and Janemum 5Who wouldn’t be proud of this progeny? Jane, mom of Brad Pitt, took a break from her life as a high school counselor in the “Show Me” state, aka Missouri (where Brad was raised), to join her über-famous son on the red carpet.

Gwyneth and Blythemum 6Celeb pair and style mavens Blythe Danner and daughter Gwyneth Paltrow have starred in dozens of movies, but have only appeared together in one: the British flick Sylvia.

Tiwa and mummum 7Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage was spotted last year November at the Channel O music video awards in South Africa, walking the red carpet with her aged mum by her side.

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  1. Ehm nik was spotted with her muum last week @ douglas market buying baby things for her nephew. Oh and she shares a lot with her mum. Hehehehhe.

  2. Only one nigerian celeb and her mother? Mtscheew!

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