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This Round is about Poetry. And the theme is: The Beauty in Imperfections. Read and enjoy.


Story 1


Tar black

You compete with darkness for who’s black

Your teeth is Kiwi black

So they dangle banana black monkey

Angels fear to trend your path

Don’t you know ugliness is your face personified?


Only nipples

When you walk you cause no ripples

So you gat no cat’s whistle

Nobody wants to woo you cause they wonder who you

You straight as pine wood

What doest a man with a she devoid of curves?


Down to Earth

They say you are

you are a dwarf devoid of pride

4 feet tall or 4 feet short

Step out you who cannot be seen

Why bother with an ambition your height can’t match?


Rotten Mango

The spots on your skin polka dot

Neither black nor white they spew you

You look in the mirror and your stomach churns

Despite the numerous dye your hair still blonde

Why then you seek to pose for the camera?


Flat chested, brief legs, polka dot, juju look

True beauty transcends the physical

Look deep within don a smile

Beautiful lives within the border you draw

The imperfections tattooed all over you

That’s what makes you beautiful.


Story 2


A touch of skin, soft and slippery

A hint of sweat cooled by the evening breeze

Eyes meet briefly and a spark is ignited

Then intoxicated with those beguiling spirits

Our clothes find a resting place on the floor.


The lights are out, the darkness shrouds everything within

Falling upon the imperfect forms of our wanting bodies

Our urgency fuelled by touch, taste and purblind desire

Our hunger revealed in this fevered moment

Our thirst exploding upon the interaction of lips


Then skin meshes with skin upon the bed

You move atop me easily, lowering yourself gently

Slipping and sliding as I am filled with you

A rhythm that crests and soon gives way

To the urgent and demanding thrusts of passion


I arch my body up to the scented smell of your nearness

And gasping, you drag me through the winding path of ecstasy

A grunt here, a moan there, a wash of pleasure

Our screams crescendo, an ululation to the fleshly gods

Our bodies demanding more, each giving to the other


High on the fluids of foreign substance

The taste of your skin between my lips like no other

The friction of our sweaty bodies like an aphrodisiac

Then you move with one final and breaking heave

And our cries echo from this peak of blissful release


We clench as we ride the waves of this poignant moment

Muscles quivering, breaths susurrating

Then you drop beside me upon a murmured sigh of depletion

And I glow like an ember, casting out a welcome light

Should you stir and seek my gifts again.

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Beautiful poems. You got me at “The imperfections tattooed all over you
    That’s what makes you beautiful.”

  2. Its too early to be reading all these unbeliever sontin oº°˚! 😛 😛

    I vote number 2!!

  3. ”They say you are
    you are a dwarf devoid of pride
    4 feet tall or 4 feet short
    Step out you who cannot be seen
    Why bother with an ambition
    your height can’t match?”

  4. POEM 1: Beautiful Imperfection…

  5. I thought the theme has to do with the beauty in imperfections? What was that early morning romance abi na mid night romance in story 2 talking about kwanu? Abeg o under 18 dey read the post o. #Uncle Walter, make una no spoil me mbok# “the imperfection tattooed all over you, that’s what makes you beautiful”. I love that line. There is no need to attract people.let people be attracted to us by how we deal with our imperfection. And we should learn to trust ourselves enough to believe that other people will love you for what you are. Am going for ” Beautiful imperfection”.

  6. Lol okay I like the first poem but I just have to vote the second poem “the coupling”

  7. I vote d first poem, its not everyday pple see d beauty in ugliness. Lovely piece! Abeg, I don’t want to be reminded abt d stages of coupling. I waka pass dat.

  8. I vote #2. The rhyming in one just seems forced sometimes

  9. I vote 1. Aside from the fact that 2 seems more than a bit off topic, 1 offers something deep, a chance to ponder and contemplate.

  10. The first poem has my vote.I especially like the writer’s ‘true beauty transcends the physical’ line.The second poem’s also nice but the ‘beauty in imperfection’ theme’s evasive in the poem.

  11. Prefer beautiful imperfection. The last Stanza is indeed beautiful. If we all think that way, the world will be beautiful. Gets my vote. Poem 2 – “clears throat”. Ah, well, need to read it again and then ponder the words in my heart.

  12. Wow…two nice write-up but mehn, I got to vote the FIRST ONE: Beautiful Imperfection. The write up is good and original. The more you read, the more you picture and it aligns more with the theme than with the coupling. Hope this coupling I just read now won’t make me start looking for a gal to warm ma bed this morning…lol. just saying, I’m still a virgin oooo

  13. The second one was just talking about romance forgetting the topic, but I still loved. The diction used was flawless. Sorry, No 1 has my vote not just because it went according to the topic, but because it paints a clear picture of our imperfections that makes us beautiful.

  14. I vote poem 1, beautiful imperfections. For its interesting lines, humor and theme interpretation.

  15. Roses are red, violet are blue. Mini mini Mani more, i vote for story 2.

  16. This round is the closest, almost a draw. There are things I love and don’t love in both poems. But poem 1 has it for sticking to topic. I wish poem 2 could have been about two shy lovers who weren’t sure about what the other would think when the clothes are off. But forgot all about it when they are in their zone. I like both poems sha.

  17. Beautiful Imperfection I like, but standing shoulder to shoulder with the coupling, I daresay; it stands an absolute zero chance of emerging victorious!

    The coupling did it for me in all its totality! So graphically detailing, visually enriching; I could just see the scenario unraveling and playing out from afar off in my mind’s eye! in short; its gripping, captivating, spellbinding and totally arresting! The use of lingo’s spot on! The coupling has my vote!

    You guys are both fantastic too I mustn’t fail to add, thanks for bringing it every Tuesday1 You both rock pieces! LOL

  18. Sticking to the poem that portrays the theme, I vote for 1…

  19. I dunno if its just me or if the theme is absent in poem 2. M not a poetry person but poem 1 was lovely and the writer danced tango with the words. My vote goes to poem1

  20. I’m not married and I don’t have a boyfriend since walter/Eze dumped me so m not ready for all dat tin in poem 2.

    Beautiful Imperfection has ma vote.
    The coupling na OP

  21. I vote story 2 because of the hint of imperfectness perceived about sex by the general public. And the writer’s attempt to show it’s beauty. Although it’s evident how heavily inclined to prose both writers are.

  22. I agree with who said this round is the closest. But I vote story 2.

  23. The 1st poem has my vote. I love the last lines of the final verse. Keep it up peopo.

  24. poem 1 i vote. You guys are really good, welldone.

  25. As much as I abhor poetry, I wantu vote 2day o! Seeing dat I wore “Lastma” Cap for the 1st two rounds (many thanks to MTN), I refuse 2 carry last for dis one. So my vote goes to “Beautiful Imperfection” being that its more in line with the theme, and errr, nothing else; shikena!. I prefer the diction, style and every other thing about story 2, but its not so in line with the theme. With these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince and not confuse…ah, save it.

    P.S, I can bet my last 2 kobo dat Walter wrote “The Coupling” *straight face* dat boy too like to write bad bad, R18, NL tins. Hian! He can’t even deny it. #anotherstraightface
    Also, I’d love to read another Literary Challenge, dis time between Walter and Jerry Chiemeke, it sure wld be sizzling hawt! I rest my case.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Hahahahahahahahahaaa!!! Aswear this comment made my morning.

    • I totally agree with you.. Walter wrote Poem 2! #dazzall.. But I vote for Poem 1.. Walter haff wan spoil us in Poem 2.. though at first I did not understand the correlation between the “title” and Poem 2, I kinda agree with Dubem’s comment about the Poet trying to showcase the beauty in “coupling” as against the perception of imperfection by the general public..
      P.s-I’m not “encouraging unnecessary coupling o”! :p

  26. I love the first poem..it has swagger and it is deep….has content, has container and i wote it. Beautiful something

  27. Hmmn, I waka pass! What’s all this talk about….shhhh….i don’t know o.

    Is this poetry or a sex education class…story 1: nipples and curves and what have you…story 2: no holds barred….x rated with strong sexual language…

    Okay now to the business, story 1 had some grammatical errors that made me shudder…story 2 was kinda flawless in grammar and diction.

    However I am of the view that ‘the’ coupling and any coupling for that matter should be between a man and woman who are legally married (insert big halo smiley) preferably in the Christian church.

    So to cut the long story short, I vote story 2 for despite the sweaty smelly not perfect bodies of the two, they still found beauty or pleasure in their coupling….though if they are not married and faithful to each other….hmmmn, STDs, pregnancies and other issues could arise o…#justsaying


  28. poem 1: the theme was easily deciphered. the rhymes were forced and in trying for rhymes, it lost it’s beauty; there were problems of grammar and sentence construction; the finishing line tried to remedy all the bumps along the road, and leaves the reader with something to remember and take home from the poem.

    poem 2: good descriptions, good grammar and diction, fast paced and detailed. here the theme is subtler, requiring one to think deep to see it. it is a philosophical, leftist and rebellious interpretation of the theme. here sex is portrayed as beautiful though it is imperfect and has to be done under the covers of the darkness, to avoid judgment perhaps? or is it to mask the bodily imperfections of the people involved? also, it had to take a ‘foreign substance’ to help embolden the duo.

    poem 2 has my vote.

    • *bearing down the gavel* ‘The, scratch that! My Awesome Poet has spoken’! ‘Court rise’, Dr Temitope Ogundare’s DONE presiding! *laughing*

      Great analysis Doc, me likey vewi vewi much! LOL

  29. poem 1 gets my vote as its totally in sync with this round’s theme. And it’s beautiful too

  30. Apologies for closing this unusually late. It’s another tuesday and another #LiteraryChallenge; the link for that would be posted soon.

    But before that is done, it’s time to announce the winner of this round. Beautiful Imperfection was written by, guess! Did you say Walter? Nopes, James wrote it. Walter did The Coupling; #EvilMind.

    So the winner is; I don’t know. The only thing I know is that someone wasn’t slaughtered.
    Thanks @all for staying with us thus far. Round 4 comes shortly, it’s all about “Letter Writing,” yes you heard me right Letters!
    The link will be posted here if we fail to tag you and don’t forget to come with your harsh tongues to critique and yab us. It’s your yabbings keeps us going.

    PS: Scratch the yabbing part, just criticise and tell us beautiful nonsense about how well we can write. We want our heads to swell to. #Salamat

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