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Lagos Assembly comes against proposed transgender programme on DSTV

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The Lagos State House of Assembly has opposed a transgender television show titled I am Jazz, which is set to air on TLC, a channel on DSTV.

The state’s legislative arm said the television show, which is about the life of a transgender boy, was capable of promoting homosexuality in Nigeria and corrupting the youths.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Assembly called on Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to direct the Ministry of Information and every other relevant agency to enlighten the public about the behavioural implication of strange foreign practices on the youth and encourage the practice of Nigerian culture.

The Assembly also called on the Lagos State Films and Video Censor Board to ensure adequate content control of films, videos and musical lyrics in the state.

Mrs. Adefunmilayo Tejuosho, who moved the motion at the plenary on Tuesday, informed the Assembly about the transgender series, adding that it was capable of promoting sexual immorality in the society.

Tejuosho, who represents Mushin Constituency 1, noted that she was concerned about the perceived silence of the Federal Government about the “spate of uninhibited display of obscenities and uncensored programmes on the Nigerian airwaves, as evident in musical videos, films and other shows on national television especially the state television networks.”

The lawmaker further stressed that “if the planned transgender programme airs on the DSTV platform and is not statutorily checked before it goes public, it will not only corrupt the Nigerian youth but will lure them into sexual vices, contrary to the relevant sections of the Nigerian law which forbids homosexuality and sexual perversion in the society.”

She said there was a need for the government to protect the sanctity of the Nigerian airwaves through the establishment and enforcement of the Censor Boards and the National Broadcasting Commission rules to prevent contents that were offensive to underage viewers and audiences

Meanwhile, the House has called on the National Assembly to amend some sections of the Standards Organization of Nigeria Act N0 18, 1990 with a view to recommending stiffer penalties for contraventions.

Mr. Moshood Oshun moved the motion titled: “Need to ensure quality control of manufactured and imported products in Nigeria.”

Oshun, who represents Mainland Constituency 2, pointed out some sections which needed to be amended. The sections are Section 15 which relates to offences bordering on standards; Section 16, which refers to powers of the Ministers to establish standard as binding; and Section 19.

He said a large number of substandard products in the country had continued to have deadly implications on the health of Nigerians and had in some cases resulted into loss of lives and properties.

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  1. So if they allowed the TV show young Nigerians everywhere will start opting to be transgender?

    Who contaminated my beautiful planet with these ignorant and stupid people?

  2. Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I am Cait’ has been showing on E! since. I don’t see it promoting any sexual immorality in this country that isn’t already here. Sometimes these people make laws like Nigeria is this nation that’s one prayer away from making heaven.

  3. This is not funny at all, sooner or later Nigerian law will not permit Any foreign cable TV. It’s just sad. And why wasn’t this motion raised when ” I am Cait ” started showing? 9ja I they hail oo

  4. Great! Ban DSTV in Nigeria before we all be become transgendered and gay!

  5. Smh…. This country.

  6. Gosh, our legislators oo. They actually don’t have work so don’t blame them. I actually got the broadcast msg on bbm 2 weeks ago, it was Nigerians that brought it to their attention. Now these are my groevances-
    1- is it scientifically proven that the show would cause homosexuality and youths to change their gender;
    2- Is it by force to watch the show (how many of these youths even watch TLC or pay for that channel in their bouquet)
    3- DSTV keeps telling parents to use their PG function, if its paining them they should block the channel.
    Only in Nigeria is this an issue. Lemme just stop here cos e dey pain me o

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