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Kylie Jenner Demands Top Spot On Next Season Of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Kim Kardashian better watch her back, as it appears that the younger generation of Kardashian/Jenners are coming for her position atop the reality telly throne.

Yes, lip-plumping apologist extraordinaire Kylie Jenner has apparently demanded MORE airtime than her sister Kim for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as she believes it’s now HER who the viewing public want to see more of.

Erm, we see enough of you on Snapchat, babes – but then again we don’t think the term ‘overexposure’ carries much meaning in the Kardashian family home anymore.

But seriously guys, did your mother never teach you to SHARE things?

A source close to the family apparently told Radar Online that: “Kylie has told Kris that they should focus more on her in the show rather than on Kim, she added that is clear to her who the fans really want to see now.”

“Kris is enamored with her ‘new cash cow’, so Kylie might just get what she wants. Her older sisters just think that she is becoming the sort of person they don’t even want to be around anymore.”

“She was always so sweet and fragile. Now she is all about herself, her image and her relationship with Tyga. Everyone is just hoping it is a phase.”

Well we think ‘everyone’ might be a little deluded if they think a Kardashian/Jenner has the ability to tone down their ability to self-promote, but that’s just our opinion…

But if we’re being brutally honest with ourselves, more Kylie WOULD probably be a good thing really. And more Kim. And Kris. And Kendall. And Khloé.


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  1. I hope Kim didn’t think she’d remain Reality queen forever, when there are more self-possessed women in the Kardashain/Jenner household.

  2. I knew it was going to come to this. First, she couldnt wait to grow older, then she wanted to leave the house and be on her own. Now she wants to take center stage. She’s gonna give Kim a run for her money. Kim would start pulling mad shits just to stay in the news but she doesnt realize that at some point we all get tired.

  3. This is what happens when she feels the black dick she sits on is sturdier than all the black dicks her sisters combined ever sat on.

  4. She’s not even an interesting personality. She’s comes off as boring, pretentious, with no depth. There’s nothing compelling about her so she should take several seats. Without Kim nd their Mother’s sacrifices, she wouldn’t have the mouth to talk or the platform to make unwarranted demands.

    People re only fascinated about her cus she’s the youngest in the clan, list her innocence to early nd cus he used to have an over aged boyfriend.

    She should be content with the $45k pay cheque per episode she earns on their show nd keep quiet.

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