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Kelly Osbourne Slams Fashion Police’s Giuliana Rancic Yet Again

To say that Kelly Osbourne is outspoken is to say that the ocean is wet, and the celeb will likely never change things up in the future. Her latest abrasive comments are once more directed at her former Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic, whose own off-color comments were the impetus for the E! series’ current in-flux state. It seems like Osbourne’s grudge shows no sign of being extinguished.

If you’re wondering just how Osbourne feels about Rancic, look no further. Kelly turned up the heat with some comments she made at the 4th annual NYX FACE Awards in El Lay. Talking to reporters late Saturday night, Osbourne said:

‘I will never admit to like Giuliana because I don’t. I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar.’

Shots fired and bouncing all over the room! If anyone thought this feud might get swept under the rug at some point, they obviously didn’t consider that the rug might be on fire when that happened. Something tells me we won’t see these women teaming up for a three-legged race anytime soon.

The rift between Osbourne and Rancic became extremely public after the Fashion Police Oscar special, during which Rancic said that actress Zendaya’s hair probably smelled like weed, which garnered negative reactions from all over the place. The aftermath caused Osbourne to quit the show, leaving a trail of insults behind her. After that, Fashion Police took another left turn when Kathy Griffin also announced she was leaving the show, citing creative differences with those involved.

To make it extremely clear just where Osbourne’s problems with Fashion Police start and end, here’s what she had to say when TheWrap asked if she’d ever think about going back to the show.

‘If certain people weren’t there.’

I’m guessing she’s not talking about the hair stylists. So now I guess the ball would be in E!’s court as far as which of these hosts they would rather stick with for the future, but it’s definitely Rancic for now. Fashion Police is currently going through a bit of retooling, with the focus shifting away from ripping celebrities apart and returning to a more lighthearted approach to mocking fashion choices in Hollywood. When the show returns, Rancic and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski will be joined by Melissa Rivers, who hopes to fill the void that was left after her mother Joan Rivers died. For what it’s worth, Osbourne had only the nicest of things to say about Goreski and Rivers.

“Brad is one of the most incredible people in fashion, he is funny as fuck. I am so happy for Melissa that she is filling that seat and I want that show to go on. It was just my time to move on.”

A day after Osbourne described Rancic as not “a good person,” a source close to Rancic revealed to People that she finds Osbourne’s comments “pathetic.”

“She’s not going to let Kelly’s comments bother her,” the source tells People. “She thinks Kelly should find something or someone else to obsess over.”

Rancic’s friend speculates that Osbourne’s recent comments about Rancic were an attempt to “divert attention away from” the comments Osbourne recently made about Latinos on The View. Osbourne herself was on the wrong end of an unfortunately pointed comment recently, as her anti-Trump comments on The View ended up getting the episode yanked from streaming sites.

So, are you Team Kelly or Team Giuliana?

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  1. Kelly Osbourne is just a silly spoilt brat whose real claim to relevance is her Father’s fame. It was very selfish,the way she turned on Giuliana with the quickness, just to save her own skin,after d Zendaya debacle.She has no talent, I don’t think she has any real skill, and she dresses like a Pinata (who d hell wants someone who dresses like a bag of Mexican candy, on fashion police,anyway?). Can u tell now, whose team I’m on? Hehehe…

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Hahahahahaa. Yup. Your team is very clear. And it has no fat or purple on it.

      • Walter! I didn’t say anything about “fat” o! B4 someborry wee coman accuse me of fat-shaming.(Hey ‘M’, how u doin?) *flees*

    • I don’t like Kelly either. Ever since that Fashion Police debacle started, I’ve not been impressed by her bitchiness in the aftermath. Let’s not forget that the whole patchouli oil and weed comment was fractured. Giuliana said Zendaya smelled like patchouli oil, then someone from off-camera (who everyone assumed was Kelly) supplied ‘weed’, before Giuliana agreed and repeated ‘weed’. I have a feeling that was Kelly who said that, and then became a complete turncoat when the shit hit the fan. She and Kathy Griffith can like to take several seats abeg.
      Look at the Osbourne chick being all self righteous, when she has goofed several times. First with the Rachel Dolezal stunt she pulled on instagram and then with the Latino comment. Rubbish person. Mscheeewwww

    • Lol..totally agree, she should get over herself already

  2. I am with Kelly on this one! Guilliana is always trying very hard to be politically correct, she needs to take a seat.

    Please someone should hand Guilliana a sandwich or a beef burger or something, that girl is like a stick biko, I mean how does bill nak that tin?

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Ok, let’s set the issue of her weight aside. It’s now a crime to be politically correct? I thought the crime was being politically incorrect.

    • Wait, Giuliana is politically correct? D same giuliana wey get bad mouth? No. It’s kelly who’s always trying to appear gracious and politically correct, always famzing celebs “…oh, so and so has been a very good friend of mine for years…” (but her “foot-in-mouth” disease always exposes her for the fraudulent famzer that she is)

      • shakespeareanwalter

        EXACTLY! Abeg, Dennis, when you’re accusing Giuliana of political correctness (still don’t know when that became a crime), rope in Kelly Osbourne. She can like to tap-dance around her opinions of the fashion choices of celebs. But the thing with being fake and putting up a front is sometimes, the fronts hangs askew and then you blurt out the first nonsense that shows you up for who you are.

        Phew! Did I just out myself as #TeamGiuliana?

        • LOL. Yes you did. And passionately so too. Kilode? Una dey vex o.

        • Hahaha…I think u just did,walter. Here *hands you registration form and a pen* kindly,fill in your details, and ur #TeamRancic membership card will be issued to u in 24 hours.

  3. I dislike Kelly! Her accent grates on my nerve and she rarely says anything I like!! :/ :/

    Giulliana has refused to allow me date her husband!! So I dislike both of them!! :p

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