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“We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of The Word ‘Feminist’.” Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau Says

The Canadian Prime Minister has taken a strong line on women’s issues and a need for feminism since taking office in November.

Justin Trudeau spoke at the World Economic Forum about the need for men and boys to be included in the dialogue about feminism. He said it is so important for women and girls to be inspired and empowered, and he is proud to work with his wife on initiatives to ensure that happens.

But he went on to say boys have to also be educated about why feminism is necessary.

In the video, he says: “We shouldn’t be afraid to use the word feminist. Men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want.

“I personally convinced a number of extraordinary women to step forward, as well as a number of extraordinary men, at a time when politics can be very, very divisive.

“Study after study has shown that if you ask a man if he wants to run for office, his first question is likely to be: ‘Do I have to wear a tie every day?’ And if you ask a woman if she wants to run for office, her first question is usually, ‘Really, why me?’ Let’s start rewarding politicians and companies who aren’t driven by a macho approach.”

Watch video below.

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  1. I don’t get why people have such a problem with the word. You ask some women who are clearly fighting for gender equality and you’ll have them recoiling from the word. It’s not a curse. It’s not a stain. It’s a word. and it names a noble cause. Any- and everyone should be able to use the word to describe themselves anytime they want. #WeShouldAllBeFeminists

  2. My Love for this PM is ever rising. You see that photo up there? Damn! Trudeau IS BAE.

  3. hmm Mandy. You haven’t seen the half of it. I know this lady that kept attacking me for standing with feminism. she claimed she’s a womanist, then jumped ship to be humanist. She siad that men are as discriminated as women…. and many long stories. all I needed to shut her up was remind her that she runs a website called ‘ the fifth wife’ geared at making the voices of women heard. how ironically ‘inhuman’.
    people are just too carried away with being liked. they don’t want to be branded as unconforming. I don’t know if it’s getting married that is making her form what I don’t know. in the university, she kept pushing me to run for President of my faculty. that she wanted to support a woman to the office Cox guyz have been acting like they own it. I told her gender equality means you support a girl who is interested and ready for the office. You don’t just field a girl because she is likable and all and so it can be said a woman is in office. what if she under performs? they will say shey she is girl, it was expected. she too tried running for those offices but couldn’t. but all of a sudden, feminists are people who don’t make sense to her. she is a womanist! sorry…. Humanist. and she is this on facebook but not on her website

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